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Basic classification of vacuum cleaners

2023-09-15 15:54:43

Firstly, let me introduce the basic classification of vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are generally divided into several categories based on their appearance and characteristics: wireless vacuum cleaners, push rod vacuum cleaners, horizontal vacuum cleaners, bucket vacuum cleaners, and handheld vacuum cleaners; According to usage scenarios, it can be divided into several categories: household (bed suction, living room, curtains, etc.), commercial (car wash shops, construction sites, home decoration, etc.), and car mounted.

Wireless vacuum clePush rod vacuum cleaner: It is characterized by a compact appearance, convenient storage, and can generally be placed standing.aner: Its characteristic is its compact appearance and convenient storage. The advantage is that there is no long taHorizontal vacuum cleaner: Its characteristic is that it occupies a small area and has a large suction force. Dust is usually sucked into the body through a straw. Horizontal vacuum cleaners are also divided into "dust box vacuum cleaners" and "dust bag vacuum cleaners".il like a power cord, and the noise is low.

Bucket vacuum cleaner: Suitable for cleaning large areas of dust, it is popular among users with high cleaning difficulty and complex cleaning environments due to its high suction force and high vacuum volume.

Car vacuum cleaner: compact in size, very convenient to carry and use, mainly used for cleaning inside the car, and also has good effects on keyboards, appliances, etc.