Branded Advantages
How to become our agent?
If you trust our vacuum cleaner products and choose to become our agents, we will provide related support, including store design plans, product parameter maps, product packaging, training and other promotional materials, such as pictures, CDs, USB flash drives, etc. You will also enjoy certain discounts and a 2-year product warranty. Longli will protect customers' privacy and sign confidentiality agreements with customers.
We can provide packaging design to help customers design product catalogs and other promotional materials. (We will charge design and production fees). We can also design the products according to your requirements to ensure the uniqueness of the products.
How do regional agents earn income?
Self-operated income Agents can sell through various channels in the agent area to obtain direct income.
Development income Agents can develop subordinate agents in the agent area to obtain agency fees and income.
Supply income The long-term supply of subordinate agents. The price can be customized to obtain the return of the difference in supply price;
Performance reward If the agent reaches the corresponding purchase amount, the company can obtain the company's exclusive purchase discount.
What are the rights and interest of regional agency cooperation?
  • Regional protection rights:
    Agents enjoy the exclusive monopoly right in the area, can develop commercial stores and subordinate agents, and the income is guaranteed.
  • The right to use the brand:
    Agents have the right to use the Longli brand, brand name and brand image.
  • Differences in profit rights:
    Agents have self-control rights and can formulate price policies to obtain maximum profits.
  • Independent operation right:
    Agents can establish their own direct-operated stores, develop retail business, and obtain excess profits from the retail industry.
  • The right to share advertisements:
    Longli promotes the entire network marketing of all major websites. Agents can share them as needed.
Main market
At present, Longli's market mainly includes Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and other places.




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