Design and development
We believe that a hot item in a certain market attributes to a comprehensive market research. All of these works we done is to make our products more competitive in our major markets and offer better experience for our end users. Our market research includes the following part:

1. The Analysis of Market Distribution.
2. Price Positioning.
3. Product Analysis.
4. Target Market Analysis.
5.Customrized mould making service.
  • The Analysis of Market Distribution
  • Price Positioning
  • Product Analysis
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Customrized mould making service.
  • We study the first market of our products, analyze the source of inquiries and collect clients’ feedback in order to study the potential sales and then arrange a reasonable distribution between different areas.
  • We collect the lowest and highest price in the standing desk industry and update the data regularly to keep our price and product competitive.
  • The user experience is what we care most. From shape, packaging, touch, design, functions, stability, life span, materials to instruction. We conduct tests and collect feedback from our clients and end users to improve our products. What’s more, we also get the inspiration from the hot items designed by our competitors. We study the sales data of current hot items in the markets and analyze the advantages and disadvantages. 
  • We use the data both online (google analytics) and offline to get more exact user profile.
  • Let me know your Product Idea and we will let it come true.
Our R&D team
  • Team Leader
    Zeng Cen
    With 15 years experiences working in Foreign Multinationals vacuum cleaner projects.familiar with vacuum cleaner Industry Latest technology and Trend.
  • Structural Engineer
    Yu Xia
    He has more than 10 years of experience in vacuum cleaner construction engineering industry.
  • Production Consultant
    He has more than 20 years of experience in metal manufacturing and processing.




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