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Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Market Analysis

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With the development of science and technology, wireless has become synonymous with high efficiency and convenience, especially the vacuum cleaner industry has set off a wave of wireless. Why does the wireless vacuum cleaner quickly become popular?


First of all, the cleaning methods are changing as technology advances. The convenience and high-efficiency of wireless vacuum cleaners replace the tiring and clumsy of brooms and wired vacuum cleaners, becoming the mainstream cleaning tool. The second is the development of intelligence. Although the appearance of the sweeper can solve many cleaning problems, people still need a good-quality vacuum cleaner. The convenience of the home wireless vacuum cleaner highlights its efficient cleaning performance. Finally, the middle class has become the main force of consumption. More people hope to be freed from the heavy floor cleaning. The convenient cleaning characteristics of wireless vacuum cleaners meet the market demand.


15high suction power vacuum cleaner

1. Wireless vacuum cleaners are favored by consumers


Although the vacuum cleaner market is developing rapidly, it is still in the stage of popularization and development. In 2019, the retail volume of wireless vacuum cleaner category in China and retail sales growth rate is obvious. Far more than the year-on-year increase in wired vacuum cleaners. Under the trend of consumer upgrades, wireless vacuum cleaners have more advantages and development potential.


2. More advantages and development potential

The advantages of online and offline e-commerce are obvious. The online retail volume of the wireless vacuum cleaner market is much higher than offline, and the rapid expansion of online sales will replace traditional physical channels and accelerate the popularity of the wireless vacuum cleaner market. With the development of e-commerce and the improvement of supporting services such as logistics and online payment, the online market scale will continue to maintain rapid growth. The proportion of retail sales of wireless vacuum cleaners has climbed, while the sales of ordinary vacuum cleaners have not increased much. This reflects from the side that wireless vacuum cleaner suction, battery life and other industry problems have been well resolved, and the wireless vacuum cleaner market will get better development.


3. Traditional vacuum cleaner brands still dominate the market

The homogenization of the vacuum cleaner is serious. Suction and battery life are still the main point of development. With the popularity of the wireless vacuum cleaner market and the phenomenon of big brands getting together, the homogenization of products has become more serious. The appearance and performance of many products are very close, such as dust gas separation technology, ergonomic design, mite removal function, and suction heads for different environments. Of course, in the current wireless vacuum cleaner market, high suction power vacuum cleaner and long battery life are still the focus of its development.

15 high-efficiency of wireless vacuum cleaners


The vacuum cleaner market in China has exploded rapidly, but the vacuum cleaner is still a niche product in the Chinese market, and it will take a long way to get full popularity. The future wireless vacuum cleaner market will still be led by brands, and the backward brands will catch up. From the perspective of China's consumer environment, people have already met the great needs of home appliances, and will inevitably turn to enjoyable small home appliances, which will also be the key to the explosion of wireless vacuum cleaners.




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