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Why Some Vacuum Cleaners Smell Terribly?

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With the swift development of high technology and the flourishing growth of the economy, many people can buy various vacuum cleaners, such as best small vacuum, laptop vacuum cleaner, cordless mini vacuum and mini robot vacuum. Thus, we need to know more about them.


91. industrial vacuum cleaners

It is a myth for most of us that why some vacuum cleaners have foul smellDo all the kinds of vacuum be the sameLike wireless vacuums, USB vacuums, ladybug vacuums and tiny vacuum cleaners. First of all, the household vacuum cleaner itself should be blamed for. When it starts to work, the generator will rotate at a high pace, whose inner part has an electric brush. Therefore, the spark will come out as the generator operates and this will contribute to a small amount of ozone that has a peculiar odor. And the generator will produce heat to increase the temperature of the vacuum cleaner, which will induce the smell from insulative paint.

Second, not only dust does have been collected, but also dandruff from human beings. If you do not clean the dust bag regularly, bacteria can grow and multiply and finally can disperse the bad smell.


To sum up, you can not solve this problem if it is because of the material. The only thing you can do is to choose a high-end product or use it for a short time. However, you can prevent this problem if it is due to the latter. Every time you use the business  vacuum cleaner, you have to clean it thoroughly so that bacteria have no chance to cultivate. Certainly, a thorough cleaning means that you should dump the dust bag and scrub the exterior part and the auxiliary gadgets so as to keep the vacuum cleaner from smelling foul.

91.household vacuums

And what else can you do to keep the industrial vacuum cleaners, household vacuums, business vacuums and vacuums for dual use in a good condition


No.1 You should check the condition of the dust bag that may contain dust and rubbish before you use it.


No.2 Check whether the wire and plug are in a good condition before you use it and coil the wire on the top of its body and scrub the machine itself, putting it under sunshine to make it dry naturally after you use it.


No.3 You should ensure the whole cleaning process within 2 hours, otherwise it will damage the longevity after working too long .


No.4 During the process, once you find the dust bag is nearly 100% or clogged by litters, you have to turn it off and clean it. Of course, you should keep it away from water bump or devices with strong radiance as every electronic device has its own radiance.

No.5 Examine the solidarity of components and the brushes of the vacuum cleaner. You should add lubricant to the generator’s bearing to keep its longevity and change the damaged brushes in time.


No.6 After a long-term use, the filter net will be blocked so that the suction gets weak. Keep it in mind that laundering net with water and bag regularly and putting them in a shady place can help it recover.


No.7 Do not stretch or bend the soft pipe and just keep it in a normal way. Place the vacuum cleaner with a dry and adequate ventilation condition rather than humid and corrosive places.




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