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Why Should You Clean the Vacuum Cleaner in Time?

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We earnestly use vacuum cleaners to remove dust and bacteria in our homes because we hope that the indoor air at home is be clean. However, new research shows that some home vacuum cleaners will actually make the air quality worse, and some vacuum cleaners will release dust and bacteria into the air again. These dust and bacteria will become allergens and infectious agents.



62- home vacuum cleaner

Research Result

Researchers in Australia tested a total of 21 models of home vacuum cleaners from 11 brands, including 2 commercial vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are used for 6 months to 22 years, and the prices range from US$100 to US$800. The researchers measured 62 kinds of airborne particulate matter.


Research results show that all homemaker vacuum cleaner release some bacteria, dust, and allergens into the air. Compared with older and cheaper models, newer and more expensive vacuum cleaner for home use generally do not cause indoor air pollution. House and home vacuum cleaners with filters emit less dust and bacteria than models without special filters. HEPA filters generally can eliminate 99.9% of pollen, animal dander and bacteria in the air.


Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia pointed out that both vacuum cleaning and vacuuming will release dust and allergens again. Dr. Viviana Temino, assistant professor of allergy and immunity at the University of Miami School of Medicine in the United States, said that there is no need to throw away the dust vacuum cleaner for home we are using. Old, never cleaned vacuum cleaners generally do more harm than good ones. Generally speaking, most vacuum cleaner at home can indeed clean up quite a lot of dust and allergens. She believes that HEPA filters are still necessary because they remove more particles than they release.



62-homemaker vacuum cleaner

Measures to Keep Indoor Air Clean

But to keep the indoor air clean, other things must be done. If your family has indoor allergens, don't use carpets. If you have a small carpet at home, wash it with hot water once a week to kill allergens such as dust mites. Feather dusters can't absorb dust, you should try to use microfiber cloth or electrostatic cloth instead, because these will not raise dust.


Scientist Jeffrey May said that HEPA filters are still the best. Old vacuum cleaners will definitely release more allergens than new ones. His suggestion is to use a vacuum cleaner for home cleaning with a HEPA filter and replace the filter regularly.


Dr. David Corry, director of the Department of Internal Medicine, Immunosensitivity and Rheumatology at Baylor College of Medicine, does not like to use vacuum cleaners. He said that only the inside of the machine is vacuum, and the motor and filter are on the outside, so all the dust will also face outward. The old unit spreads more particles. If you vacuum the carpet while walking, you will inhale these dust, bacteria and spores, which are more likely to cause you to be sick.



In general, timely cleaning of the vacuum cleaner best for home is very important. This ensures the effective work of the vacuum cleaner and makes our lives more comfortable.




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