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Why Printing Factories Need Industrial Vacuum Cleaners?

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The Internet application has affected the sales of various magazines and newspapers, and many printing factories have gradually declined in recent years. But the printing plant is an essential industry. Although its number will decrease, it will not disappear. Printing factories have strict control and requirements on dust, and daily dust removal work is the top priority. Let's take a look at the areas and methods of daily dust removal in printing plants.


36.industrial vacuum cleaner equipment

1. Paper and cardboard dust removal


Dust may come from the processes of paper-making, slitting, slotting, opening envelopes and napkin production lines, so they must be completely removed. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of printed products and reduce production efficiency.


2. Remove static electricity from plastic film and metal foil


Both plastic film and metal foil are more likely to generate static electricity. Before the printing process, cleaning must be carried out to minimize the extra auxiliary time such as shutdown cleaning in the printing production and improve the production efficiency. At the same time, this is also to avoid customer rejection due to product quality issues.


3. Clean food and medicine packaging bags before forming


Food and medicine packaging bags must be heat-sealed to make packaging bags. Therefore, packaging materials must be absolutely clean before forming. The cleanliness of materials used for vacuum packaging must meet quality standards.


36.industrial vacuum cleaning system

4. Remove dust before paper polishing


When glazing paper, plastic film and metal foil, dust should be removed first. If dust and other impurities adhere to the printing material, it will greatly affect the coating quality.


These areas are places where dust must be removed every day. If dust is not removed, it will be very harmful to the entire printing production line. So how do modern printing plants achieve rapid dust removal?


The printing plant mainly uses the industrial vacuum cleaner equipment to remove dust. Using the principle of household vacuum cleaners, the industrial vacuum equipments power, suction, capacity, etc. is increased to be suitable for the recovery of daily dust, iron filings, paper scraps and other particulate matter in various types of factories.


As an industry with heavy dust pollution, printing plants have a lot of ultra-fine powders such as toner cartridge powder, chemical dyes, and plastic spray powder. If you don't use high-suction vacuuming equipment, it is difficult to collect powder from the machine and production line simply by relying on workers for daily cleaning. At the same time, the slightly larger volume of paper dust remaining in the printing process has to be removed by industrial vacuum cleaning system.


Various factors make modern printing plants and printing plants have to use industrial polisher machine for daily sanitation and cleaning to ensure the normal and efficient operation of production lines.


Our company not only produces professional industrial vacuum cleaners, but can also provide a large number of household vacuum cleaners, commercial vacuum cleaners, pond vacuum cleaners, car vacuum cleaners, etc. Our industrial vacuum cleaners specially can customize for printing factories greatly reduce the dust pollution of the factory and ensure the printing quality. If you need a vacuum cleaner supplier to help you, we will be your reliable choice.




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