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Why Choose A Small Vacuum Cleaner Instead of An Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

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The working principle of the vacuum cleaner. The fan impeller of the vacuum cleaner is driven by the motor at a high speed, and the air in the impeller is discharged out of the fan at a high speed, and at the same time, the air in the dust suction part is continuously supplemented into the fan. In this way, it may form a higher pressure difference with the outside. The dust and dirt of the suction nozzle are sucked into the dust collection part with the air, and pass through the leaker to collect the dust and dirt in the dust cylinder.


Vacuum cleaners are generally divided into household and industrial uses. Industrial vacuum cleaners mainly include heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner, industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner, industrial upright vacuum cleaner and so on. Its characteristics are large size and high price. Industrial vacuum cleaners are mostly used for carpet cleaning and are suitable for large commercial spaces. They tend to be large and heavy, which is not ideal for compact spaces that require small size and portability.


The most primitive vacuum cleaner is a machine that absorbs dust on the floor of a carpeted living room with air pressure difference. It is convenient to clean every corner of the room. When cleaning a large space, plug the power cord into the wall socket and move it to the desired position to suck up the dust.


75.ndustrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner

The Reasons of A Small Vacuum Cleaner Instead of An Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


As the name suggests, the compact vacuum cleaner is light, easy to operate and easy to use. This vacuum cleaner can reach narrow corners of narrow spaces. Small vacuum cleaners with different functions commonly seen on the market include mini portable vacuum cleaner, mini handheld vacuum cleaner and mini vacuum cleaner for sofa, etc.


Compared with industrial vacuum cleaners, the price of small vacuum cleaners is relatively low, which is one of the reasons why many people choose small vacuum cleaners for home.


In addition to the small size and low price, portability and ease of use are also the reasons why most people choose handy vacuum cleaner for home.


A good compact vacuum cleaner for home can remove odors, suck up pet hair and remove dust. Generally speaking, small vacuum cleaners have filters and high-power brushes, which can help achieve a higher level of filtering and picking up impurities.


75.wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home

Advantages of Small Vacuum Cleaners


In commercial buildings, a small or portable vacuum cleaner is a convenient tool. There is a large flow of people in commercial areas, and a vacuum cleaner can quickly collect dust and dirt in the dust tube.


Smaller vacuum cleaners can quickly clean areas and various corners such as vehicles, stairs, furniture and curtains. It is best to choose a suitable vacuum cleaner model according to your needs.


A wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home takes up very little storage space. You can easily place it in the storage cabinet, under the bed or next to the refrigerator according to its size.


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