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Why Can Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners Handle Dust and Water?

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When purchasing industrial vacuum cleaners in different factories, they will choose different type, function, and voltage of vacuum cleaner according to various needs and the conditions of the applicable places. Among many vacuum cleaners, wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners are favored and used by many users.


Compared with ordinary industrial vacuum cleaners, wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners add a centrifugal chamber. Whenever the vacuum cleaner works, dust, air, and water will be sucked into the centrifuge chamber. The water will be thrown to the inner wall of the centrifugal chamber by high-speed rotation and flow into the water collecting bucket below. The lighter dust and air floating on it will pass through the centrifuge chamber and enter the filter bag to filter the dust.


48.wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners

Many people think that industrial vacuum cleaning machine and wet and dry vacuum cleaners have improved their ability to absorb objects, and the addition of a centrifugal chamber will definitely cause more expenditures than ordinary vacuum cleaners. Actually, it is not the case. If you buy a Chinese vacuum cleaner, you can usually purchase a brand model with a good price-performance ratio at around 5000. Industrial wet dry vac imported from other countries is relatively expensive. We are a Chinese vacuum cleaners supplier with cheap and high-quality vacuum cleaner, and if you need vacuum cleaners, we will be your best choice.


In addition to vacuuming and absorbing water, do wet and dry vacuum cleaners have other advantages? As a large manufacturing country, China is densely covered with factories in various provinces and cities. Different factories not only deal with dust and water stains, but also oil stains, rust water and other corrosive media. Therefore, the dust suction machine has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. The vacuum cleaners produced by our company are not only resistant to corrosion, but also resistant to high temperatures. We are a vacuum cleaner manufacturer with quality certificates. The industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner price is favourable.


The wet and dry vacuum cleaner device has the dual functions of water absorption and dust collection at the same time. It has a wider range of applications than ordinary industrial vacuum equipment, and its applications involve industry, commerce, households, etc. Any place that needs to absorb water and dust, this type of equipment can do it. But you need to pay attention to the following aspects when using it.


48.Industrial wet dry vac

When using the wet and dry vacuum cleaner, the power connection should not be too long. Do not lengthen the power cord without authorization, and the wire diameter cannot be smaller than the requirements of the machine. At the same time, the power cord cannot be turned around to generate a magnetic field, which will cause insufficient voltage for the machine.Pay attention to the changes in the motor noise of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. If the noise of the motor becomes heavy suddenly, you need to check the connecting pipes and clean up the objects in the pipes or barrels. If the noise is loud, there is a problem with the vacuum cleaner motor and it needs to be repaired in time.When the wet and dry vacuum cleaner sucks liquid objects and needs to be cleaned, the head of the vacuum cleaner needs to be removed. Do not place the machine upside down to ensure that no liquid enters the motor. And ensure that no corrosive objects can enter the motor to avoid damage.


The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a cleaning device that can handle dust and sewage. It can absorb both dust and water because it is equipped with a centrifugal chamber to handle liquids more than ordinary vacuum cleaners. But when using industrial wet dry vacuum cleaners, please follow the instructions, otherwise the machine will be damaged.




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