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Which Home Vacuum Cleaner Is the Best?

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When it comes to cleaning, many people find it troublesome. Although this is not a difficult task, many people can't stand to bend down and clean it day after day. So the vacuum cleaner has become a hot product. It solves the problem of difficulty in cleaning the home life. A good vacuum cleaner can not only bring a clean environment to the family, but how to choose a household vacuum cleaner?


When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to know the current vacuum cleaner classification. There are many ways to classify vacuum cleaners. According to whether you need to plug in the power cord to work, it can be divided into two types: wired vacuum cleaners and wireless vacuum cleaners. Wired vacuum cleaners can be divided into bucket vacuum cleaners, horizontal vacuum cleaners, and vertical vacuum cleaners according to form and function, and wireless vacuum cleaners can be further divided into push rod vacuum cleaners and hand-held vacuum cleaners.


22.horizontal vacuum cleaner

For household vacuum cleaners, wireless vacuum cleaners are more convenient to use. Wired vacuum cleaners were popular in earlier years. With the continuous improvement and development of vacuuming technology and the continuous enhancement of people's needs in life, wireless vacuum cleaners have gradually overtaken wired vacuum cleaners and become the main force in household vacuuming.


Disadvantages of the barrel cleaner are it is bulky, and its high power consumption, and big noise. The horizontal vacuum cleaner needs to drag the bucket, so it is easy to hit the furniture. The noise of the vertical vacuum cleaner is extremely high. It is heavy and inflexible. So it is impossible to clean corners and low places.


Traditional wired vacuum cleaners generally carry garbage storage bins, so they are bulky. Moreover, it is plugged in and needs to be replaced when changing rooms, and dragging the vacuum cleaner will scratch the floor. In addition, high places such as ceilings and chandeliers cannot be accessed for cleaning. The dust collector of the wireless vacuum cleaner is integrated with the motor, and it is generally used for charging. It is light and convenient, and the cleaning scene is wide. So wireless vacuum cleaner is a better choice.


Many people will ask, why does the vacuum cleaner have a distinctly immobile feeling? Generally speaking, the vacuum cleaner works by sucking in air, then separating the dust and clean air in the air, and discharging it cleanly. To achieve the effect of vacuuming. However, if the separation of some vacuum cleaners is not done well, it will cause the dust to adhere to the filter screen. In the long run, the filter screen is slowly blocked, and the air passing through is less and less. The suction power is greatly attenuated, and it will feel more and more unable to suck. Move garbage. The filter can only be changed very frequently. So the filtration of the vacuum cleaner is very important.


22. household vacuum cleaners

Of course, many people are also dissatisfied with wireless vacuum cleaners. For example, they have insufficient suction power and short battery life. In fact, the products of previous years have such problems, but many vacuum cleaner products have got rid of these shortcomings. Both their suction power and battery life have been greatly improved.


However, the choice of vacuum cleaner is ultimately based on the actual needs of each family. Different household vacuum cleaners have their own advantages and disadvantages. But overall, the design and technology of the vacuum cleaner have been greatly improved. The variety of vacuum cleaners produced by our company is diverse and of high quality, and is a must-have product for household equipment. Our company is a professional wholesales vacuum cleaner supplier with high-quality vacuum cleaners.




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