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What’s the Health Standards for Vacuum Cleaners?

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With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. When consumers choose home appliances, they are not limited to price priority, but pay more attention to functions such as environmental protection, energy saving, and health.


Vacuum cleaners are common cleaning appliances in daily household life. Using a vacuum cleaner can greatly reduce the squeak of bacteria and fungi and maintain health. It can be divided into many types according to the way of use.


44.dry vacuum cleaner

One of the vacuum cleaner type is the dry vacuum cleaner, which is used to absorb dry dust. The object of action is generally a smooth floor and a hard countertop. If bacteria and viruses adhere to these dust particles, the vacuum cleaner can effectively remove these bacteria and virus-carrying dust. Generally, vacuum cleaners are equipped with a filter to prevent secondary pollution caused by gas discharged into the air.


The other is the wet vacuum cleaner, which is used to adsorb sewage, detergent and some oil. If the virus is scattered on the moist ground, the wet vacuum cleaner can achieve the purpose of sterilization and virus removal.


The third category is vacuum cleaners for cotton fabrics such as sheets, bedding, clothing, etc., which can also be called mite removal machines. It can remove mites and kill bacteria and viruses. Some mite removal machines are equipped with ultraviolet lamps, which have bactericidal effect and can damage the surface of bacteria and viruses. The mite removing machine without UV lamp also has the function of removing bacteria and viruses, because it can absorb dust attached to bed sheets, bedding and clothing.


The fourth category is the sweeping robot, which can control the running trajectory by itself. Its main object is the dust and debris on the ground, and it absorbs the dust and debris on the surface of the floor. It can greatly reduce the content of bacteria and viruses.


Antibacterial and anti-mildew performance means that some parts of the vacuum cleaner are easy to transmit and breed bacteria and viruses due to frequent contact with hands. Therefore, some locations will be made of special anti-bacterial and anti-mildew materials. The anti-bacterial and anti-mildew properties of these materials should meet the special requirements of antibacterial, sterilization and purification functions for household and similar electrical appliances.


44.Vacuum cleaners

With the development of antibacterial, antibacterial, and virus removal functions of household appliances, antibacterial, antibacterial, and virus removal are favored by more and more consumers. The health functions of household appliances provide consumers with higher use value. It also has a good effect on disease prevention.


More and more household appliances claim to have the function of sterilization and virus removal. However, the entire home appliance industry has not yet established sufficient standards to regulate the development of healthy home appliances, and there is no uniform standard to measure the quality of home appliances.


The technical requirements and test methods for the health function of household and similar vacuum cleaners standardize the development of the vacuum cleaner industry, and have guiding significance for industrial technology upgrading and healthy development. It is a guide for consumers to choose healthy appliances. It guides consumers to choose products that are more suitable for them, and provides a quantitative basis for companies to better promote their products. It is the link that connects enterprises and consumers, and better protects the interests of enterprises and consumers.




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