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What’s the Health Requirements and Test Methods of Vacuum Cleaners?

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1. Maximum suction power


The maximum vacuum suction power and maximum suction power produced by a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner are the most important evaluation indicators for cordless vacuum cleaners, which can reflect the theoretical maximum suction power of the vacuum cleaner and the performance of its internal main motor.


The test method is as the following. Install the dry vacuum cleaner into the equalizing box to test the maximum suction power. Measure the vacuum degree and air flow rate at each point and record the data 15 seconds after the adjustment is completed. Then, the vacuum cleaner runs again for 15 seconds in the unthrottled state. The whole procedure continues until all curves are completed to get the last point of maximum vacuum. By measuring the maximum vacuum suction power that a hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner can produce, calculate the maximum suction power to evaluate the theoretical maximum suction power of the vacuum cleaner product.


43.various functional indicators of the vacuum cleaner

2. Noise

Noise is also the focus of the investigation of vacuum cleaners. At present, the noise of vacuum cleaners is very high, and the main source of noise is the motor. Therefore, to reduce the noise of the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to minimize the noise in the operation of the motor, and improve the structure and noise reduction materials of the vacuum cleaner .


3. Filtration efficiency

The vacuum cleaner's ability to separate dust depends on the size of the dust particles and the concentration of the pre-treated dust inhaled. The filtration efficiency should be paid attention to. Vacuum cleaners with low filtration efficiency can cause secondary pollution. The filter materials of traditional vacuum cleaners include sponge, activated carbon, filter paper, etc. These filter materials have very ordinary filtering effects. It is recommended to choose a vacuum cleaner with multiple filters and filter materials such as HEPA to avoid secondary pollution. The filtration index requirement of the vacuum cleaner is that the filtration efficiency should not be less than 99.0%.


4. Spill of dust

The purpose of testing the dust overflow of the vacuum cleaner is to test the measured value of the particulate matter generated during the vacuuming process. It is suitable for all kinds of household dry vacuum cleaners. This test is suitable for removing dust from floor coverings, not for removing surface debris or debris. If dust overflows during the use of the vacuum cleaner, it will cause secondary pollution.


5. Self-cleaning/self-sterilizing

The vacuum cleaner has the function of automatically cleaning/sterilizing its interior. For example, the UV lamp that comes with the vacuum cleaner can illuminate the inside for sterilization. Apply bacteria to the inside of the vacuum cleaner that can be irradiated by the ultraviolet lamp, and then turn on the ultraviolet lamp for irradiation, and then check the sterilization effect.


43. handheld cordless vacuum cleaner

6. Sterilization / virus removal rate

Commonly used bacteria, fungi and viruses in the test include bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus), fungi (Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger), viruses (phage virus, polio virus), etc. The vacuum cleaner uses chemical and physical methods to remove or reduce bacteria, fungi, and viruses. For vacuum cleaners with sterilization function, the sterilization rate (bacteria) should not be Less than 99.0%, the sterilization rate (fungus) should not be less than 90%.


7.Mites removal performance

Mites are microorganisms that can cause allergic reactions, and their corpses and excreta are also allergens. Mites are often found on sheets, bedding, and carpets. The mite removal machine can effectively remove mites. The test method for removing mites starts by simulating household bed sheets and laying 2 layers of test specimens of the specified size on the test bench, and evenly sprinkling 5000 mites on the designated positions on the upper test specimens. Cover it with a layer of customized load cloth, and the mite removal machine runs on the load cloth for a specified number of times. Count the mites on the test sample and the load cloth to calculate the rate of mites removal. The mite removal rate should not be less than 80%.


The various functional indicators of the vacuum cleaner are related to the health of the family. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, we must carefully check the production instructions of the vacuum cleaner. Our company is a professional manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, providing all kinds of vacuum cleaners for users around the world, including household vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners,pond vacuum cleaners, etc. If you need mass-produced vacuum cleaners, please contact us.




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