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What’s the Difference Between Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and Household Vacuum Cleaner?

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At present, the industrial vacuum cleaner industry is booming, but many people think that industrial vacuum cleaners are the same as household vacuum cleaners, which is wrong. Because the design concepts of industrial vacuum cleaners and household vacuum cleaners are completely different


25. industrial vacuum cleaner industry

1. Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Objects Differently


Household vacuum cleaners are generally used to absorb dust particles in the home. The objects sucked are generally small objects like the cigarette butts of sunflower seeds.


The wet&dry industrial vacuum cleaner is used to absorb the waste generated by the factory in production. For example, industrial vacuum cleaners can suck ceramic powder, plastic spray powder, toner powder, metal powder and other similar fine powders. At the same time, industrial vacuum cleaners can remove iron filings, sand, wood chips, and large amounts of dust, as well as some liquid and dust mixtures. Industrial vacuum cleaners are much more difficult to handle the suctioned objects than household vacuum cleaners.


2. Different Vacuum Cleaner Body Material


The materials used in the two vacuum cleaners are also different. More of the vacuum cleaners for home are made of plastic materials. The industrial cyclone vacuum cleaners are generally made of metal materials, which are more durable than the plastic materials used in household models.


3. Differences in Vacuum Cleaner Power


As mentioned above, the volume and weight of the material required for household vacuum cleaners are very small. Therefore, the power of the vacuum cleaner does not need to be great. Moreover, in recent years, wireless household vacuum cleaners have become more popular. The benefits of this design are obvious. Without the power cord, there is no need to replace the socket. It can vacuum more freely and is very convenient. Therefore, the motors of household vacuum cleaners are smaller.


The industrial version is different. Due to the complexity of the industrial environment, especially the heavy materials that need to be cleaned by the industrial vacuum cleaner for concrete grinder, the vacuum cleaner needs a strong suction to complete the cleaning work. Therefore, the power of the vacuum cleaner is relatively large, generally above 3600W, and even heavy industry must reach more than 7500W.


25.industrial vacuum cleaner for concrete grinder,

4. Different Sizes of Vacuum Cleaners


Taking into account the area of the house, the vacuum cleaners for household use are generally made small to make the floor space as small as possible, and the capacity is generally below 20L (including 20L).


Industrial vacuum cleaners do not need to be made too small because of the large factory area. The amount of waste generated by the factory during the day's production is relatively large. Moreover, the working hours of many factories are uninterrupted. The cleaning staff must arrange the factory before the next staff arrives, the cleaning time is not very long. So you need to clean up the garbage at once. According to this situation, the capacity of industrial vacuum cleaners is generally designed to be relatively large, basically above 80L (including 80L) to facilitate cleaning and avoid waste of time caused by frequent dumping of garbage.


There are four main differences between household vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners. Our company is not only a household vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners supplier, but also a commercial vacuum cleaner, ash vacuum cleaners, and pond vacuum cleaners manufacturer. We can design and produce different types of vacuum cleaner according customers requirement. If you have any needs about vacuum cleaner, please contact us.




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