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What’s the Car Vacuum Cleaner?

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In today's society, cars have become the main tool for people to travel, but there is always some small dust in the car, which can't be removed no matter how clean it is. Especially for smokers, the soot is hidden in every corner, and it is very annoying. Nowadays, the development of science and technology in society is really changing with each passing day, and people's impression of car-mounted vacuum cleaners is still low-efficiency and bulky vacuum cleaners. It makes people feel that the experience is poor and inconvenient. But in fact, the current car vacuum cleaner is more user-friendly and compact. It is not only easy to carry, but also works efficiently. The best car vacuum cleaners are being loved by more and more car owners. vacuum cleaner products

With the improvement of living standards, cars have gradually entered every family. Some people say that the car is a second home, and the environment inside the car is very important. Dust, snacks, melon seeds, etc. in the car will damage the environment in the car. I believe everyone likes a clean and tidy environment. Most car owners usually clean the car when washing the car. Dust and debris in the car will not only pollute the environment in the car for a long time, but also bring harm to yourself and your family.


The car portable vacuum cleaner is a wireless vacuum cleaner, it will not be restricted by wires when cleaning, and it is more convenient to use than traditional wired vacuum cleaners. The home kit version of the car vacuum cleaner includes a separately packaged home adapter. With the home adapter, the car portable vacuum cleaner can not only be used for charging in the car, but also can be easily used at home.


39.The car portable vacuum cleaner

The U-shaped handle car vacuum cleaner uses a three-dimensional leather texture to ensure better friction when holding it. It usually has LED lighting, charging port, and air outlet on the back. The advantage of LED lights is that the dust can be seen clearly for cleaning in poorly lit places or under the seat.


After disassembling the main unit of the car vacuum cleaner, it is divided into main unit, dust cover, dust cup and filter assembly. The filter component is a two-layer filter system. The first layer is the primary filter to quickly intercept large particles of dust and residues, and the second layer is the HEPA filter to effectively filter dust as small as 0.3 microns. The function of the filter is to prevent secondary pollution in the air when the vacuum cleaner is cleaning. After taking out the various accessories, you can see the core part of the vacuum cleaner machine, the drive motor and the fan blade. The car vacuum cleaner has a turbo fan, and its motor power is generally 80W.


Generally speaking, the good-quality car vacuum cleaner is very convenient. The car vacuum cleaner is small in size and convenient to carry. It is very suitable for everyone to clean cars. There are also many car vacuum cleaner products in the market. We have to choose a suitable car vacuum cleaner according to our actual use needs, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.




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