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What’s the Application of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner in Silicone Field?

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With the increasing development of science and technology, we can often see manufacturing equipment in various industrial exhibitions. There are many plastic products, silicone products, and aluminum products in our daily lives. Below we will give an explanation for the solution of silicone dust removal technology and how the industrial vacuum cleaner is applied in the silicone field.


In the production line of silicone products, dust adheres to the exposed surface, which causes a large amount of fine dust to be embedded on the outer surface of the product before the product is packaged. This kind of dust is extremely difficult to clean, and requires a lot of manpower and time, and even damages the product during cleaning. There is no packaging on the surface of silicone products. How should we prevent dust of silicone during the storage of silicone products? There are the dust removal method for silicone products.


33. industrial dry vacuum cleaner

1. Apply the Hand Oil


If you are in the industries of silicone, plastic, or rubber, you must know that there is a substance called hand oil. It can form a layer of oily substance on the surface of the silicone, which can increase the smoothness of the surface and improve the touch feel of the product. It also fills the uneven pits of the silica gel wall. However, the cost will increase, and it is more difficult to evenly spray the hand oil.


2. Static Electrostatic Dust Removal


Silicone products with static electricity is normal. Generally, but the formula can be changed to eliminate static electricity and achieve dust-proof effect. But there are also problems in reality. If anti-static materials are added before the silicon is solidified, the performance of silicone products will not meet the requirements in reality, and it does not meet international standards, and customers will not agree with this type of solution.


3. Direct Packaging Processing


Before using this method, the silicone processing equipment needs to support one-time molding with a cooling process. In the product processing stage, part of the conveyor belt is formed into a semi-closed space to form a short-term dust-free environment. The silicone is heat-sealed and packaged after cooling in the mold.


Generally speaking, it is recommended that the manufacturer choose method three. This method requires advanced cooling technology, and some factories cannot meet this requirement. At this time, we can use the fourth method, which is to use industrial vacuum cleaners to vacuum silicone products.


33.industrial vacuum cleaner

4. Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Application


Industrial portable vacuum cleaners are equipment used to collect waste, filter and purify air, and clean up the environment of industrial production. The industrial dry vacuum cleaner can not only absorb all kinds of metal, non-metal, oil, water and other particulate dirt and liquids, but also can absorb toxic and harmful gases. In the silicone industry, the quality of products can be improved, and in the chemical industry, some expensive catalysts can be recovered.


Moreover, as an environmental protection device, the industrial steam vacuum cleaner can effectively prevent the hazards of occupational diseases, such as welders' pneumoconiosis. Compared with household vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners can be used continuously for 24 hours, have strong suction power, large dust storage volume, long service life, and high temperature resistance. Moreover, the industrial water vacuum cleaner can absorb waste media of various materials and shapes.


By adjusting the filter media, such as filter elements, filter bags, etc., a good-quality industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb solid particles with a precision of 0.1 micron. It can be applied to industries such as fine chemicals and precision machinery. Therefore, the industrial vacuum cleaner equipment can be used safely in the silicone industry.




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