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What’s the Advantages of Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner?

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The water filter vacuum cleaner is a kind of vacuum cleaner using water as the medium. It can suck all kinds of dust and garbage into the water tank and lock it in the water, which can avoid the overflow of dust. Water filter vacuum cleaners have become more and more popular in recent years, so why are water filter vacuum cleaners popular?


47.types of vacuum cleaners

Reason 1: The Filter Material


Compared with ordinary vacuum cleaners, the filtering effect of water filtration vacuum cleaners is excellent. Because its filter material is HEPA, which is currently the most effective and advanced filter material. The vacuum cleaner using HEPA filter material can also suck away fine dust, which is called a perfect filter system. The advantages of vacuum cleaners using water filtration technology have been fully recognized in the current market. As the water medium is used as the filter medium, the vacuum cleaner can absorb wet garbage. Water filtration is the most efficient and powerful filtering method. It cooperates with medical grade HEPA and other effective filter materials to form a perfect purification filter system.


Reason 2: Both Dry and Wet Garbage Can Be Processed


The water filter vacuum cleaner mainly adopts the method of water filtration. The advantage of this operation is that wet garbage can also be processed. For example, slime objects such as sauces, rice residues, beverages, and broken eggs, as well as sharp objects such as small nails and broken glass can also be handled. It is much more convenient than ordinary household vacuum cleaners.

Reason 3: There Is No Dust Flying and Secondary Pollution


Another advantage of the water filter vacuum cleaner is that there is no dust overflow during use. Generally, when other types of vacuum cleaners are in use, the dust around the suction mouth will be picked up. This is not only difficult to clean, but also causes secondary pollution. The use of a water filter vacuum cleaner can wet the garbage and dust with the water inside, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of flying dust.


When the traditional vacuum cleaner is in operation, dust will overflow with the high-speed filter channel. When dumping dust, we must also prevent dust from flying. The advantage of the water filter vacuum cleaner is that it can wet fine dust and garbage with water, and fully dissolve and lock the dust. When vacuuming, there will be no secondary pollution of fine dust to the air, which will affect the health of the family respiratory tract. No dust will be raised when the dust is dumped. Just dump the wet garbage and clean the water tank.


47.ordinary household vacuum cleaners

Reason 4: It's Easy to Clean the Vacuum Cleaner Itself


The cleaning of the water filter vacuum cleaner is also very convenient. After handling the wet and dry garbage, just simply rinse the water tank.

In order to deal with all kinds of garbage, water filtration technology vacuum cleaners have been able to absorb pastes such as rice residues and sauces, liquid objects such as water and beverages, broken eggs and other slippery and adhesive objects, and sharp objects such as broken glass nails. Compared with other filtering technologies, it can deal with more household waste, which is a new vacuum cleaner technology for consumers to improve their home life.


The water filter vacuum cleaner is a kind of vacuum cleaner that uses water as the filter medium to wet, dissolve, and settle the dust and other garbage absorbed by the vacuum cleaner. Water filter vacuum cleaners are different from ordinary dry vacuum cleaners.




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