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What is Pond Vacuum?

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The pond vacuum cleaner is a relatively new electrical appliance, and many people may not know about it. But for people who have a pond, a pond suction cleaner is a very useful and simple tool that can help keep small ponds or water gardens healthy and attractive.



96.pond vacuum cleaning pump.

The Function of Pond Vacuum Cleaners

Suspended substances are constantly deposited on the pond floor, such as fish dung, dead insects, fallen leaves, and dust and pollen on the water surface that eventually sink and accumulate at the bottom of the pond. Excessive accumulation of impurities may make the water unclear, affecting the appearance of the pond. And the decomposition of these impurities will change the chemical properties of the water. The biological filter will eventually convert these impurities into nitrate, which is very conducive to the growth of algae, which is even more unfavorable to the pond environment. Removal of these substances before the impurities decompose can reduce the production of nutrients and prevent the uncontrolled growth of algae.


Garden pond vacuum cleaner can remove debris from the pond, help remove algae and decaying organic matter in the pond, thereby increasing the oxygen content of the water and preventing the pond from producing bad odors. Vacuuming of ponds can significantly improve the appearance of small ponds, hinder algae growth, and reduce the load on pond biological filters.



How Does the Pond Vacuum Work?

Aqua garden pond vacuum cleaners usually look like wet and dry vacuum cleaners and are mainly used for deep cleaning of pond bottoms. The collection tank and pond vacuum pump remain outside the pond, and the telescopic tube extends into the pond. The strong motor produces strong suction power to draw out dirty water from the pond, and the feces and residues in the pond and the water in the pond are sucked into the collection tank through the pipe. The collection tank usually has the function of filtering the water and returning it to the pond.  Debris is accumulated in the filter, which may be a built-in filter bag or a removable filter. After the dirty water is filtered, the clean water is released back to the pond.



96. vacuum for fish ponds

How to Choose Pond Vacuum Cleaner

1. Price

The price range of pond vacuum cleaners is wide. The cheap pond vacuum cleaners are small hand-held pond vacuum cleaners. More expensive and more powerful pond vacuum cleaners can hold more water and have larger filter bags. No matter which type of pond vacuum cleaner you choose, it will keep your pond internal and external environment clean and healthy, allowing the plants and fish in the pond to thrive.


2. Single Chamber or Double Chamber

The vacuum for fish ponds usually uses a single-chamber suction system or a double-chamber suction system. The type of system they use will determine their cleaning capabilities.


The single-chamber suction system is suitable for most ponds and can suck up small debris and fine sand. The double-chamber vacuum cleaner is more powerful, and has the suction power required to clean medium and large ponds, which generally contain a lot of sludge and dirt. The double-chamber vacuum cleaner can even vacuum small pebbles or rocks up to 3/8 inch in diameter.


3.Ability to Vacuum

The suction capacity of a pond cleaner also depends on the horsepower of the motor that drives the pond vacuum cleaning pump. If you have a small pond, a vacuum cleaner with a 1200 watt motor is enough. For medium to large ponds, some pond cleaners use the combined horsepower of two motors to provide powerful suction and dust collection capabilities to keep the pond clean.



Hopefully, through the above brief introduction to pond vacuum cleaners, we can help you know about pond vacuum cleaners and help you choose the best pond vacuum for you.




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