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What is Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

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With the rapid development of the cleaning industry, since 2013, many new generations of cleaning equipment have emerged, among which commercial vacuum cleaners are the representative. Commercial vacuum is characterized by superb material technology, environmentally friendly energy-saving motors, innovative commercial calibers, diverse working environments, and higher vacuuming efficiency. They provide low-carbon and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for commercial public places. The working environments of commercial grade vacuum cleaners include hotels, factories and office buildings and other commercial environments.



Commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaners are common types and the blowing function is self-contained, which can meet the requirements of various cleaning operations in commercial environments. Solid garbage and water substances can be easily sucked up. And commercial vacuum can also blow out dust and dry the surface of objects.



68-wide area commercial vacuum

The Working Principle of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

The working principle of a wide area commercial vacuum cleaner is that the motor of the vacuum cleaner rotates at a high speed and sucks in air from the suction port to generate a certain vacuum in the dust bucket. The dust enters the dust bag or the dust compartment in the dust bucket through the brush head accessories and the main suction pipe. And the dust is left in the dust bag or barrel, the air filtered by the filter enters the motor, and then flows out through the motor. The filter material generally adopts HEPA filter. Overall, this filtering method is determined by the commercial operating environment. The HEPA filters have better filtering effect, purify the air, avoid secondary pollution, and clean more conveniently and quickly.



68wet dry vacuum cleaner

Features of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Heavy duty commercial vacuum cleaners are completely different from household vacuum cleaners, and mainly provide cleaning service for commercial places such as hotels, factories, and office buildings. The requirements for each link of the equipment are higher, and the machine is required to have a larger barrel capacity, a longer power cord, a stronger suction efficiency, and a safer humanized design. It is higher than the technology and innovation standards of household horizontal vacuum cleaners.


1.Large Diameter

Household horizontal vacuum cleaners generally use a 32mm caliber, while commercial vacuum cleaners generally have a larger caliber than a household type. The minimum commercial standard caliber is 35mm.


2. Energy-saving and Efficient Motor

Commercial upright vacuum cleaners generally use energy-saving and low-power motors of EU environmental protection standards, which have higher suction efficiency. It is reported that the European Commission is planning to ban the sale of high-power household appliances, especially the regulations on vacuum cleaners.


3. Diversified Operating Environment

Commercial vacuum cleaners are not only competent for the operating environment of household vacuum cleaners, in fact, they can also work in the harsh operating environment of industrial vacuum cleaners. Based on the characteristics of the product, they are widely used in commercial public places.



With the development of society and economy, people's living standards have gradually improved, and the life has become increasingly busy. The cleanliness of commercial places has become a major problem in modern society. The emergence of commercial HEPA vacuum has solved this problem well, so it is becoming more and more popular. In the future, humanization, intelligence, convenience, and multifunction will become the future development trend of commercial vacuum cleaners.




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