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What Kind of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is Suitable for Power Plants?

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There are many power distribution cabinets in power plants, and the power distribution cabinets are very dusty. In the past, hair dryers were often used to clean the dust but it will blow the dust everywhere and the environment would be very dirty. In addition, too much dust will stick to the electrode and cause poor contact, heat and even burn the electrode, and the dust will also cause discharge when it is damp. Industrial vacuum cleaners used in power plants can avoid the problem of dust flying, and more importantly, it can avoid flashover and inter-electrode discharge.



86-industrial vacuum cleaner

Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Suitable for Power Plants?

Industrial floor cleaners used in power plants are different from industrial cleaning equipment used in general factory workshops. They require greater suction power. Let's look at the characteristics of industrial vacuum cleaners for power plants.


1. The barrel and dust barrel of industrial vacuum cleaners used in power plants should be made of stainless steel, so that the whole industrial floor cleaning machines is sturdy and durable and has a longer service life. And it has a simple structure, which is suitable for the absorption and recycle of particles, dust and liquids in various factory environments.


2. Heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners in power plants should have large-capacity dust buckets that are easy to disassemble. For example, a industrial 100L dust bucket with quick loading and unloading function can be separated and moved independently by pulling the handle lightly, and dumping dirt is convenient and fast.


3. The power plant vacuum cleaner for industrial use should have a 220V single-phase power supply, composed of two or three industrial-grade carbon brush vacuum motors with independent switches, with strong suction power. A user-friendly design that allows easy viewing, loading and unloading and replacement of filters is also important.


4. Industrial dust vacuum cleaner in power plants should have a built-in corrugated thickened large-area polyester fiber filter element with a filtration accuracy of 1-3 microns, plus a cyclone separation device inside the barrel, which is efficient and convenient to prevent clogging.


5. The industrial grade vacuum cleaner of the power plant should have a manual dust-vibrating device to effectively remove the dust and debris on the filter. It needs to prevent the machine from clogging, maintain the suction power, and clean the machine when switch it.


86-heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner


In general, industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners are more suitable for power plants. This kind of industrial vacuum cleaner adopts 220V single-phase electricity and has two or three motors. The power of a single motor is 1200W. Each motor has a separate switch. It can work with single or multiple motors at the same time. The body adopts stainless steel upper and lower separation barrel structure, which is more convenient. With a barrel capacity of 100L, coupled with manual dust vibration, this vacuum cleaner for industrial purpose for power plants can be unblocked for a longer time and has a higher filtration accuracy, which is suitable for dust collection and dust removal in power plants with higher requirements. And the power plant also has the problem of too much dust on the warehouse floor. This industrial vacuum cleaner for the power plant can also be used as a vacuum cleaner for dust collection on the warehouse floor, achieving the purpose of multi-purpose and saving money.




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