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What Is the Difference Between Sweeping Robots and Vacuum Cleaners?

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Sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning. They can clean up garbage, dirt, and powdery fine particles on the ground. But what is the difference between them? It is necessary to clarify how they work and how they are used.


54.traditional cleaning machines.

1.The Difference in Working Principle

Vacuum Cleaner

The high-speed rotating vacuum cleaner motor sucks air into the suction port to make the dust box vacuum. The dust enters the dust filter bag in the dust box through the floor brush, the nozzle, the handle, the hose, and the main suction pipe.


Dust is left in the dust filter prolux tritan canister vacuum bags, and the filtered air enters the motor through a layer of filter. This layer of filter is a protective barrier to prevent the dust bag from rupturing and dust sucking into the motor.


The air entering the motor flows out through the motor. The finer the filter material will make the air cleaner. However, the air permeability of the wet vacuum carpet cleaner will deteriorate, which affects the air volume sucked by the motor and reduces the efficiency of the wet dry floor cleaner.


Sweeping Robot

The body of the robot vacs is a disc-shaped wireless machine. It operates with rechargeable batteries, and generally uses a remote control or an operation panel on the machine to control the robot.


You can set a time for the sweeping robot to make an appointment for cleaning and recharge by itself. There are sensors in front of the robot to detect obstacles. If it hits a wall or other obstacle, it will turn on its own. Moreover, the sweeping robot can follow different routes set by different manufacturers. Each robot has a planned cleaning area. Because of its simple operation function and convenience, it has gradually become popular nowadays. Sweeping robots have become common household appliances for office workers or modern families.


Robotic technology is becoming more and more mature nowadays, each brand has a different R&D direction and has a special design. For example, double vacuum cover, attached handheld vacuum cleaner, dust box can be washed and mopped. They can be sterilized with fragrance or photocatalyst.


2.Different Positioning and Scope of Work


Sweeper robots

The sweeper is one of the smart home appliances. It is positioned in the home cleaning and can only clean the ground and dust. The smarter sweeper will charge itself when there is no electricity.


Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are more traditional cleaning machines. In addition to cleaning the ground, it can also clean sofas, wardrobes, beds, walls, etc., and can also remove dust from home computers. Using a special brush head can also achieve the role of removing mites in the home.


54.high-speed rotating vacuum cleaner motor

3.Different Ways of Use

Sweeping Robots

As long as the sweeping robot is set to a good mode, it will clean by itself. But it is also limited to flat ground. When faced with cleaning dead ends or steps, it cannot be as smart as manual cleaning.


Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are cleaned manually, which can make up for the lack of sweepers. It is not a problem to sweep dead corners and go up steps. It has a good effect on cleaning carpets.


The above compares the differences between the cleaning robot and the vacuum cleaner from the dimensions of the working principle, use range, and use mode of the two. We should choose home vacuum cleaning products suitable for ourselves according to the cleaning needs of the family.




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