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What Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Should Be Used to Suck Iron Filings and Oil?

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As we all know, every factory has a lots machines and they are working for a long time everyday. As long as the factories have workers and machines, there is no doubt that some iron chips and oil will be left on the floors or hide in the machines. So, how to clean the iron chips and oil on the machines to assure the normal operation of equipment and machines as become a big problem for many managers in the factories and workshops. Cause the oil cleaning and iron chips cleaning are very different from the normal cleaning at home, the automatic sweeping machines for home are not useful in this situation, we must choose the professional industrial cleaning equipment instead.


85. business vacuum cleaner,

However, even we have used the industrial vacuum cleaner to do the daily cleaning, it is still very easy to burn the motor when the oil is sucked into the motor. So can we find a kind of vacuum cleaner that is useful and has a long service life? This is what we want to talk about in this article, we will tell you what kinds of vacuum cleaner are widely used in common factories.


What Kinds Of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Are Widely Used?

Rolycn has a professionally improved iron-sucking and dust cleaner , which is a new kind of industrial vacuum cleaning machine in the market. This high power industrial vacuum cleaner can not only suck the iron chips and dust, but also clean dirty oil on the lathes. This kind of ridgid industrial vacuum cleaner has many accessories, such as extension pipes and various kinds of brushes, so it can be used to clean every corner. At normal, it can also be used to suck the dust on floors or warehouse shelves like an electronic floor cleaner. As for its quality, you do not need to worry about it, because this kind of vacuum cleaner is produced by Rolycn, which is one of the best industrial vacuum cleaner suppliers in the market.



85. automatic sweeping machines for home

How to Do Daily Maintenance of the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

After choosing the high quality industrial fine dust vacuum cleaners, we still need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the cleaner so that it can be used for a longer time. Firstly, you need to clean up the trash can every time you have use the cleaner, keeping the iron dust cleaner clean inside. Then, don't fold the pipes of the vacuum cleaner frequently, don' t stretch and bend too much either. Thirdly, remember to change the filter of the vacuum cleaner regularly. If it is damaged, you should change the new filter in time. Other accessories like the factory cleaning machines brushes should also be regularly checked and timely replaced. If there are some abnormal vibrations and noises in the vacuum cleaner, you should shut it down and repair it in time.



That is all for the introduction, we hope that this article can help you to buy the suitable and the best industrial vacuum cleaner!




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