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What Are the differences Among Hand-hold Vacuum Cleaners, Bucket Vacuum Cleaners, and Sweeping Robots?

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Most people don't want to clean their homes by themselves. Speaking of cleaning appliances, many people immediately think of vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaners include hand-hold vacuum cleaners, bucket vacuum cleaners, and sweeping robots. What are the differences between them? Lets have a look.


55.cordless hand-hold vacuum cleaner

Hand-hold vacuum cleaner


The cordless hand-hold vacuum cleaner is a new type of vacuum cleaner. It does not need a power cord to complete the vacuuming work. Like a mobile phone, it uses a charger to keep the machine running. Generally, it takes 4-10 hours to complete the charging, and it can continue to work for 20-30 minutes.


The cordless vacuum cleaner has a built-in drive motor, and the machine can be operated by turning on the switch of the vacuum cleaner. The wireless vacuum cleaner will follow the dragging of humans for cleaning work without power cords. It is very convenient whether it is cleaning the ground or the gap between doors and windows.


Bucket vacuum cleaner

The bucket vacuum cleaner is a kind of dust removal machine. It is composed of a suction head and a dust bucket at the bottom. Bucket vacuum cleaners are commercial vacuum cleaners, mostly used by cleaning companies, hotels, and office buildings. It is characterized by large capacity and water absorption.


The main reason why a bucket vacuum cleaner can remove dust is that its "head" is equipped with an electric exhaust fan.


There is a wind impeller on the shaft of the exhaust fan. After the vacuum cleaner is energized, the exhaust fan generates strong suction and pressure at a speed of 500 revolutions per second.


Under the action of suction and pressure, air is discharged at high speed. The air in the dust suction part at the front end of the fan continuously replenishes the air in the fan, resulting in an instantaneous vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner, which forms a negative pressure with the outside atmospheric pressure.


The garbage enters the dust filter bag through the long connecting pipe, elbow pipe, hose, and hose joint. The dust and other sundries stay in the dust bag, and the air is discharged from the tail of the body after being purified by the filter.


The bucket vacuum cleaner is equipped with different parts to complete different cleaning tasks. If equipped with a floor brush, the floor can be cleaned. If equipped with a flat-bristle brush, it can clean sofa surfaces, sheets, curtains. If equipped with a small suction nozzle, it can remove dust in small corners and some household appliances.


Application areas of bucket vacuum cleaners include carpets, car cleaning, electrical appliances, and household appliances.


55.automatic cleaning machines

Sweeping robot

Sweeping robots are also called automatic cleaning machines, smart vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, etc. It is a kind of intelligent household appliances, which can automatically complete floor cleaning in the room by virtue of certain artificial intelligence.


The sweeping robot generally uses brushing and vacuum methods to absorb ground debris into its own garbage storage box, thereby completing the function of ground cleaning. Generally speaking, robots that can clean, vacuum, and wipe the floor are also collectively classified as sweeping robots. 




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