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What Are The Advantages of Household Central Vacuum Cleaners?

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According to statistics, people spend more than 20 hours indoors on average every day, and the quality of indoor air directly affects our health. With the improvement of the quality of life, more and more people have begun to choose a central vacuum system that cleans faster, does not have secondary pollution, and can also purify the air. Everyone is also curious, what is the function of the household central vacuum cleaner?


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What Exactly Is The Central Vacuum System?


Ordinary home vacuum cleaners also have a vacuuming effect. Why do so many people choose the more expensive central house vacuum cleaner? The central vacuum system is composed of a host, a PVC pipe network, a vacuum valve port, a vacuum hose and a vacuum tool. It relies on the strong vacuum suction force to suck debris, bacteria, viruses, etc. into the dust collection bag in the main unit through the suction head and PVC pipe, and the exhaust gas is filtered and discharged to the outdoors, realizing the demand for healthy and efficient dust removal.


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How Is The Central Vacuum System Better Than Ordinary Vacuum Cleaners?


1. Strong suction, efficient and clean.


Traditional vacuum cleaner for home can only suck up 60% of the large dust particles, and dust mite particles remain on the ground. The suction power of the central vacuum cleaner is 3-5 times that of the ordinary vacuum cleaner, and the efficiency is higher without repeated suction. The central vacuum cleaner can penetrate the multi-layer fibers of sofas and quilts to clean them deeply, remove mites and inhibit bacteria.


2. No secondary pollution, healthy and environmentally friendly.


Traditional vacuum cleaners use exhaust gas with bacterial particles to cool the motor, and fine dust and mites that are really harmful to the human body are discharged indoors with the exhaust gas. There is a smell of dust indoors, causing greater pollution and more harm to the body.


The central dust collection system adopts a completely different working method. It sucks all indoor dust, mites, bacteria, dirty air, etc. to the outside, and locks it in the 3-layer electrostatic filter dust bag inside the main unit. It is healthy and hygienic, preventing secondary pollution. And it can also improve indoor air quality.


3. Quiet operation and low noise.


When an ordinary vacuum cleaner is vacuuming, such as a hand vacuum cleaner for home and bulky upright steam cleaner, its host will move with people, and the noise will be loud, and even the phone will not ring.


The central dust collector is installed outdoors, and the operating noise is as low as 54-76dB. When the room is vacuumed, there is only the sound of airflow, which will not disturb family conversations, rest, etc.


4. 9-15 meters vacuum hose, light and easy to use.


Using traditional/handheld vacuum for hardwood floors, it is necessary to take or drag the bulky host to walk around. The labor intensity is high, and it is very laborious to clean the stairs, walls, cabinet tops and other areas.


The central vacuum cleaner does not need to move the host. Pull out the vacuum hose (9-15 meters) hidden in the wall, connect the portable suction head to vacuum, and easily clean all dead corners.


5. There is no case where the battery is half drawn.


Many people reported that after the house cleaning robot cleaned for a while, the robot went back to recharge by itself. The strong suction power of many handy vacuum cleaner for home can actually only be used for about 10 minutes, and the normal mode is 30-60 minutes, which is embarrassing for large-scale residential use.


This is why many large-area houses and villas prefer central vacuum cleaners. The central vacuum cleaner has super suction power and is portable, saving a lot of cleaning time.


6. Wet and dry dual purpose, clean the whole area.


If your home is equipped with a wet and dry central vacuum system, the area from the ceiling to the carpet, bathroom, sofa, bed, curtain, wall, and gap can be easily cleaned. After the pet is bathed, you can attach a special hair comb suction head to the dry and wet vacuum cleaner for home, soak up the water while combing the hair. There is no hair flying all over the sky, and the pet will not struggle frantically because of the fear of the hair dryer noise.


In summary, the central vacuum cleaner has the advantages of being quieter, more efficient, lighter, longer life, healthier and more environmentally friendly than ordinary vacuum cleaners.




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