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Top Ten Brands of Household Vacuum Cleaners

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Modern people attach great importance to the quality of life. Household vacuum cleaners have become the standard for young families. When cleaning, the vacuum cleaner can remove the ash layer. Many families now have pets, and pet hair is a big challenge for vacuum cleaners, so when considering what brand of household vacuum cleaners are good, this situation must also be considered. There are the top ten rankings of household vacuum cleaners on the market.


Household vacuum cleaners

NO.1 Samsung Vacuum Cleaner


When it comes to Samsung, the first thing you should think of is Samsung mobile phones. In fact, Samsung also has a vacuum cleaner. As the most well-known multinational corporation in South Korea, Samsung has many business products and covers a wide range.


Samsung wireless smart vacuum cleaner has a rich product line, and has high-end products, which can meet the needs of different people. With digital frequency conversion motor, strong suction and flexible handle, it is flexible and easy to use. It can easily filter 0.3 to 0.5 micron dust, creating a clean and fresh home experience for customers.


NO.2 Cobos Vacuum Cleaner


Cobos focuses on independent research and development of design, manufacture and sales for service robots, insists on the vision of "intelligent life, enjoy life", and actively explores how to bring better products and services to users.


Cobos hand-held vacuum cleaner is very powerful in removing dust and mites, and is also suitable for multiple scenes, which can be used in family and cars. Its three-cone spherical joint can rotate flexibly in all directions, and the dead angle can also be handled easily.


NO.3 Fiena TOMEFON Vacuum Cleaner


Founded in 1976 and based in Stuttgart, Germany, TOMEFON is one of the world's first companies in the field of indoor purification. Adhering to the German focus and concentration and preciseness, Fiena TOMEFON, with the international first-class expert team, has made numerous experiments and checks, striving to make every detail perfect, and finally providing customers with the best vacuum cleaner and the most perfect experience.


The design of Fiena TOMEFON wireless intelligent vacuum cleaner is elegant and fluent. It is small and light, and its length of the vacuum cleaner can be changed flexibly. With constant and unattenuated suction, super large suction and strong suction, it is equipped with a new generation of brushless permanent magnet motor and cyclone system filter. At the same time, it has low noise and long endurance, and it cares of the floor.


Because of its excellent performance, Fiena TOMEFON occupied the European market wit the best sales amount in vacuum industry for years.  What’s more, Fiena TOMEFON has been awarded as the most trusted brand by German consumers for many times.


NO.4 Philips Vacuum Cleaner


Founded in the Netherlands in 1891, Philips is one of the largest electronics brands in the world. With hurricane dust removal technology, The new Philips dust free bag vacuum cleaner can reduce air resistance and ensures exceptional cleaning results. Its Z-designed hard floor suction nozzle can remove all dust and trifles at one time. It’s very quick and convenient. Its integrated remote control can easily increase or reduce power, on or off the vacuum cleaner.


No.5 Midea Vacuum Cleaner


Midea mainly includes consumer appliances business, robot and industrial automation system business, intelligent supply chain business, which is China's most national model of home appliances production base and export base. Vacuum cleaner serves as one of its subordinate products, also have outstanding performance.


Midea vacuum cleaner is committed to improving people's quality of life through continuous innovation. Equipped with three times power efficiency improvement device, triple filter system and safe anti-mite brush head, it can also detect the dust intelligently by high spirit sensitive sensor, and realize cleaning visualization.


No.6 Haier Vacuum Cleaner


As a large household appliance brand, Haier has been ranked the most valuable brand in China for many years. Haier wireless vacuum cleaner set suction drag function in one. It can be used in vertical, hand-held and vehicle-mounted for one machine at the same time. It has the functions of two independent motors, two suction adjustment, and automatic walking of electric ground brush. It has a soft fiber brush that doesn't hurt the floor. Its price is favorable and cost-effective. Although it is not Haier's main brand, it is a well-behaved product.


NO.7 Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner


Panasonic, a famous Japanese electronics brand manufacturer, is one of the world's top 500 companies. Panasonic vacuum cleaners are good looking and well versed in industrial aesthetics. The lightweight design is user-friendly, including high-speed motor driving V-type roller brush high-speed rotation, large suction, repeated washing integrated box to ensure safety and health. His vacuum cleaner pays attention to the needs of female consumers and is favored by many women.


NO. 8 Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner


Founded in Sweden in 1919, Electrolux is one of the world's largest manufacturers of commercial electrical appliances, mainly dealing in washing appliances and kitchen appliances.


Electrolux vacuum cleaner is light in hand, stable in suction and double in college filter to eliminate secondary pollution. It has a patented BRC hair truncation technology, which can break hair with one click, easily solving the problem of hair entanglement and reduced efficiency. Its front LED searchlight can be cleaned in low light environment, which is a product to meet the common household scene.


NO.9 Puppy Vacuum Cleaner


Puppy is a focus on research and development, sales of clean electrical high-tech enterprises, the company is mainly based on the internet e-commerce platform sales. Instead of cheap ABS, the puppy cleaner is made of PC material, which is hard, resistant to abrasion and scratches. The traditional S-shaped air duct is improved to be a straight wind rail, with more smooth air duct and direct suction to the clean area. Its battery core has been optimized and upgraded, with a large capacity battery pack and long battery life.


No.10 Dyson Vacuum Cleaner


Dyson, as a well-known British innovative technology company, has been committed to changing life through technology. Dyson owns many of his patented technologies. Its new cyclone technology and complete filter system can comprehensively and deeply clean home dust, dander, sofa cloth art, food residue and so on. Its double screen provides additional protection to absorb dirt that might otherwise escape, removing clean air.


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