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The Vacuum Cleaner: Small Body With Great Function

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When it comes to the usage of a vacuum cleaner, many people still think that it can only clean carpets or other things. But with the development of technology, vacuum cleaners are constantly evolving. Now there are many other special functions.


The inflatable swimming pool is very familiar to families with infants. But when the children are enjoying the fun of playing, parents are upset. Inflatable swimming pools are easy to deflate, but, is there a way to make the storage of inflatable swimming pools easier?


The answer is of course yes. Just use a vacuum cleaner and a plastic tube is enough. Prepare a plastic tube that matches the diameter of the inflatable hole in the inflatable pool. Connect the powerful mini vacuum to the inflatable hole. After turning on the mini crumb vacuum, the air in the pool can be quickly extracted, which is very convenient and easy.


41.home appliances vacuum cleaners

Although in this fast-moving era, we no longer need to sew as often as before. But occasionally, we still need to do some needlework, such as sewing buttons, or embroidering cross stitch to pass the time. It is inevitable to accidentally drop the needle, which can easily pierce family members. What should I do to find the dropped needle quickly?


It's very simple. Fix the stockings on the suction nozzle of mini wet and dry vacuum cleaner, and then turn on the mini table vacuum. Of course, if items like earrings, rings, etc. fall on the floor, you can also use this method to find them.


Have you ever experienced that the screens are dirty, but you don’t know how to clean them? Removing and installing screens is a very troublesome thing. Especially for women, it is almost impossible. Even if it is taken down, cleaning is another problem. Dust on the screens becomes more difficult to clean up when exposed to water. Even if it is cleaned, the place where the screens are cleaned will be very dirty. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive to clean it again.


However, if you have a home appliances vacuum cleaners, cleaning the curtains becomes simple. You do not need to remove the gauze curtains. Just put on a suitable brush head, the vacuum cleaner will clean it up for you. Keep the screens clean, and you can also prevent the wind from blowing the dust on the screens into the room when opening the window.


41.powerful mini vacuum

The mini table vacuum cleaner can easily remove dust mites, large particles and stubborn dust on the ground. It can be equipped with a variety of brush heads, multiple functions for cleaning, and more practical. It improves the traditional S-shaped air duct. The linear air track is smoother, and its suction power reaches the clean area to remove dust.


In addition, there are many magical uses of mini electric vacuum cleaner. Dust, oil, and food residues on the floor and sofa will accumulate unconsciously. The hose of small desk vacuum is installed in the position of the barrel, and the dust and dust can be easily absorbed by using the mini hobby vacuum cleaner. The kitchen floor, living room floor, and table top will get wet if you are not careful. Install the hose to the position of the barrel and replace it with an absorbent floor brush. Just activate the button and suck up a bucket of water instantly.


The vacuum cleaner makes housework easier. If you need vacuum cleaners, please contact us.




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