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The Rapid Development of the Cleaning Industry

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Industrial vacuum cleaners are cleaning equipment for cleaning and purifying dust in industrial production. It uses the air pressure difference between the barrel of the vacuum cleaner and the outside of the barrel to suck the cleaning materials into the barrel, and achieves the cleaning and sanitation effect through a certain filtration.


At present, industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in factory production, and the vacuum cleaner product types are becoming more and more diverse. People's positioning and identification are becoming more and more diverse. There are many types according to different classification principles. Here we introduce a common classification method to improve people's understanding of industrial vacuum cleaners.


According to the structure of industrial vacuum cleaner, it is divided into three categories.

vacuum cleaner

1. Vertical Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


The overall shape of the vertical industrial vacuum cleaner is round or square. The upper and lower parts of the inner part. The upper part is equipped with a motor, which is the power part, and the lower part is the dust box.


2. Horizontal Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Horizontal industrial vacuum cleaners are mostly rectangular or car-shaped, and are divided into two parts. The front part is the dust box, and the rear part is the motor part.


Horizontal industrial vacuum cleaners

3. Portable Vacuum Cleaner


There are four subtypes of portable industrial vacuum cleaners: shoulder type, rod type, portable type and mini type.


The shoulder vacuum cleaner has a small shape and can be used on the shoulder. The disadvantage is that its operating power is also small. The rod-type vacuum cleaner is shaped like a rod, with a handle at the upper end and a suction nozzle at the lower end, and the power is relatively small. The portable vacuum cleaner is smaller in size and can be used directly in the hand with less power. Mini vacuum cleaners are mostly powered by batteries, which are smaller in size, and are mostly used for cleaning clothes, instruments, etc., and have lower power.


The use environment of industrial vacuum cleaners is that the relative humidity of the air should be between 25% and 90%. Too low humidity often means that the air temperature is too high. This environment is extremely unfavorable for the maintenance and use of industrial vacuum cleaners. When the humidity of the air is greater than 90%, the moisture in the air is already saturated, which is almost a state where there is only moisture and no air. Obviously, industrial vacuum cleaners are not used to decontaminate water.


The impact of the environment on the use of equipment has always existed, but this kind of existence has different sizes, and different equipment has different requirements on the environment. As a cleaning product, industrial vacuum cleaners also have certain environmental restrictions during use. But generally speaking, its usage environment is very broad.

Since the beginning of the new century, people's desire for a good production and living environment has become increasingly strong. Industrial vacuum cleaners, fully automatic scrubbers, high-pressure cleaners and other cleaning equipment have quickly intervened in people's production and life. With their powerful cleaning capabilities, they have built a beautiful environment for people .


Industrial vacuum cleaners are more and more widely used. I believe that with the development of science and technology and the innovation of industrial vacuum cleaners, this cleaning equipment will definitely achieve better development results.




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