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The Principle and Structure of the Vacuum Cleaner

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How does the vacuum cleaner work and what are its main parts? Understanding the operation principle and main parts of vacuum and steam cleaners is beneficial to better purchase and use of the vacuum cleaner. Let's learn the operation principle and main components of the vacuum cleaner together.


19.vacuum and steam cleaners

1. The Principle of Vacuum Cleaners


The fan impeller of the vacuum cleaner is driven by the motor at high speed, and the air exits the fan at high speed. At the same time, the air in the dust suction part is constantly replenishing the intake fan. This creates a higher air pressure difference with the outside. The dust and dirt of the suction nozzle are sucked into the dust suction part with the air, and leak through the leaker to collect the dust and dirt in the dust cylinder.


The main reason why petrol vacuum cleaners can remove dust is that its "head" is equipped with an electric exhaust fan.There is a wind impeller on the shaft of the exhaust fan. After being energized, the extraction fan generates extremely strong suction pressure at 500 revolutions per second. Under the action of suction and pressure, the air is discharged at high speed. The air in the dust suction part of the front end of the fan continuously replenishes the air in the fan, resulting in a momentary vacuum and a pressure difference with the outside atmospheric pressure. Under the effect of this pressure difference, dusty air is sucked in. Dust and other debris sequentially enter the dust filter bag through the carpet or floor brush, long tube, elbow, hose, hose connector. Dust and other debris are left in the dust bags for vacuum cleaners. After the air is purified by the filter, it is discharged from the rear of the cleaner body.


19.vacuum cleaner

2. Original parts of vacuum cleaners

All vacuum cleaners are equipped with an assembled brush head for cleaning floors and carpets. The suction vacuum cleaner is equipped with a series of cleaning brushes and suction nozzles to clean corners, curtains, sofas and gaps.


(1) The throat of the vacuum cleaner. All suction-type vacuum cleaners will be equipped with hard hoses for connecting soft hoses and accessories for cleaning.


(2) Electric brush for home vacuum cleaner. The cleaning head of the internal vacuum cleaner is a special accessory of the hybrid vacuum cleaner.


(3) Vacuum cleaner round brush head. It is also called a small nozzle and can be rotated 360°. It can easily clean furniture, fine mesh fabric, etc.


(4) Vacuum cleaner flat nozzle. It is also called slit nozzle, which is a long, thin, flat and hard nozzle. It is especially suitable for cleaning walls, radiant heating films, corners and shallow and narrow places.


(5) Vacuum cleaner sweeping brush. It is made of long, soft mane and is suitable for cleaning curtains, walls, etc.


The street vacuum cleaners is mainly composed of three parts: dust raising, dust suction and dust filtering. Commercial Vacuum cleaners generally include series-excited commutator motors, centrifugal fans, dust filters (bags) and vacuum accessories. The power of general industrial vacuum cleaners is 400-1000W or higher, and the power of portable vacuum cleaners is generally 250W and below.




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