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The Principle and Purchase Method of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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Industrial vacuum cleaner is a supporting or commonly used industrial cleaning equipment, which can be used for waste collection in industrial production process, air filtration and purification, and environmental cleaning. At the same time, it can also be used in industrial supporting production equipment to absorb dust, debris, and production, to ensure a clean working environment and employee health. What is the principle of industrial vacuum cleaner? How to buy good-quality industrial vacuum cleaner?

 21 commonly used industrial cleaning equipment

1. The Principle of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Hoover vacuum cleaner for industrial use multi-stage high-pressure fans, vortex fans, vortex air pumps and other equipment to evacuate the inside of the barrel to make the negative pressure rise quickly. At this time, the air quickly flows into the inside of the barrel through the air inlet, and passes through the suction brush and the suction tube. The flowing air carries the solid particles that need to be collected and processed into the barrel, and the filter bag is connected to the air inlet. The solid is attached to the inner surface of the filter bag, and the initially filtered air passes through the gap of the filter bag. After secondary filtering by the filter element, the air can reach the emission standard.


The filtered air enters the exhaust duct through the fan or pump of the ventilation system, and finally returns to the interior of the workshop to reduce energy loss. Generally, the higher negative pressure has the stronger the suction. Because the suction nozzle with wide caliber increases, the corresponding negative pressure will decrease, the suction force will get small. Choosing the appropriate model can maintain a constant within the negative pressure range and adapt to different materials and processing.

 21 Industrial vacuum cleaner

2. How to Choose An Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?


1. According to application requirements, factory personnel should consider whether they need to work continuously, and fully consider the needs of the power supply system and overall performance.


2. Choose the wet industrial vacuum cleaner, or wet-dry type vacuum cleaner according to the specific conditions of the dust, and then select the power level according to the dust concentration.


3. Factory personnel should consider the quality and performance of industrial wet dry vacuum cleaner products, such as suction, working time, function, structural design, appearance, operation, maintenance and other indicators. The suction power should be large enough to meet the application requirements. The working time can work continuously for 24 hours, and the functions should be rich but it will not cause trouble for operation.


4. Factory personnel should choose imported products or domestic products according to the factory budget and application requirements. Some brands are low in price but difficult to guarantee in quality, while others are high in quality but expensive.


5. The factory personnel should also consider whether the industrial steam vacuum cleaner supplier has the authorized qualification of the agent.


6. Customers should also consider the service of the robot industrial vacuum cleaner. Including pre-sale, sale and after-sales service of industrial vacuum cleaners. In particular, it is important to consider whether industrial vacuum cleaner suppliers can provide professional and lasting after-sales service.




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