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The Difference Between Sweeping Robot and Vacuum Cleaner

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Both the sweeper and the vacuum cleaner are hygienic and can clean the dust and fine dirt on the ground, which can bring convenience to our lives. Here are the comparisons of the difference between the sweeping robot and the vacuum cleaner.


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1. Comparison of the using methods of sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners


Many users have their own vacuum cleaner products, which were mainly used to absorb dust when they were born, to avoid damage to people's respiratory system due to the spread of dust. With the continuous updating of technology, the vacuum cleaner has now been subdivided into many varieties, and its use has gradually increased from the initial absorption of dust to the cleaning of debris. Especially with the birth of water filter vacuum cleaners, it can even clean up liquid garbage such as broken eggs and overturned ketchup, and the scope of cleaning and cleaning is not limited to the ground.


Some vacuum cleaners are originally designed to clean the dust of indoors and furniture, but according to their own characteristics, we can also use it to do some other things, which cannot be done by sweeping robots.For example, when collecting clothes during the season, people like to pack them in large plastic bags, and use a vacuum cleaner to extract the air inside. This can not only reduce the survival chance of harmful insects, but also compress the volume, store more clothes or sheets in the wardrobe. The vacuum cleaner can also remove dust from desktop computers and notebook computers, find or collect small items, etc. Except for the last three points, the above three-point sweeping robots can't achieve the other two "additional" functions.


This shows that the tipical vacuum cleaner is very versatile, suitable for sofas, rooms, wardrobes, beds and cars. Of course, you can also give full play to your own imagination, which can make the vacuum cleaners have more uses and maximize their value.


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2. Comparison of cleaning methods between sweeping robot and vacuum cleaner


From the name of "sweeping robot", its purpose is very clear: it is mainly to clean the ground and maintain the cleanliness of the entire ground. Therefore, although its scope is not as wide as a vacuum cleaner, for example, it cannot be used to clean the sofa, etc., but it cannot deny that its "special item" is powerful.


Due to the differences in design concepts, there are great differences in the working principles of the sweeping robot and the vacuum cleaner, and the effects are also different.The sweeping robot mainly rotates at high speed through the roller brush to sweep the contacted debris and dust into the dust collection box. In other words, the cleaning robot has two steps of "sweeping" and "sucking" during cleaning. That is, the dust on the edge of the machine is swept to the vicinity of the suction port, and then sucked into its own garbage storage box. It is precisely because the sweeping robot has the process of "sweeping", but the vacuum cleaner is not. Therefore, the more detailed working method makes the cleaning robot more detailed for the cleaning of the ground.


In addition, the sweeping robot is much smaller than the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, the cleaning robot can go deep into every corner of the room, such as the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the cabinet, and so on.


3. Comparison of using process of sweeping robot and vacuum cleaner


We all know that when using a vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner suction pipe must be manually held to instruct the vacuum cleaner where to absorb the dust. That is to say, no matter what type of vacuum cleaner, someone must be operating at any time to use it normally. The robot is relatively more intelligent. Due to its special structural design, the flat cylindrical body is equipped with a self-powered roller and a detection sensor. It does not require humans to be nearby for operation and maintenance at any time. Just enter the setting command before work.


4. Comparison of the price of sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners


In terms of price, the price of sweeping robots in online stores is basically above 1,000 yuan, and some positioning is slightly higher, or the price of high-quality intelligent robot products will be above 2,500 yuan.


Relatively speaking, the price of household vacuum cleaners is much cheaper. The ordinary household vacuum cleaners price is between 300 and 700 yuan, and you can basically buy a good household vacuum cleaner product. Household vacuum cleaners with a price of more than 1,000 yuan are already very high-end products, and even the latest water-filtered high-quality vacuum cleaners can be purchased. Therefore, relatively speaking, the traditional vacuum cleaner is more affordable.


In addition, because the price of mainstream vacuum cleaner products is not too expensive, we recommend that you try to buy good quality products. In addition to product quality and after-sales will be more guaranteed, its use effect will be relatively better. Our vacuum cleaner products not only have strict requirements on quality, but also have very favorable prices. Everyone is welcome to buy a vacuum cleaner on our website.




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