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The Application of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in Industrial Production

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The use of industrial vacuum cleaners in industrial production can be simply divided into general cleaning use and production auxiliary use.


As a general cleaning vacuum cleaner, the requirements for the machine are not high. General small vacuum cleaners can meet the demand. The best commercial upright vacuum cleaners that are used as production aids have higher requirements for vacuum cleaners.


For example, the motor needs to run continuously for a long time, and the filter system of an industrial vacuum cleaner cannot be blocked. Whether big industrial vacuum cleaners should be explosion-proof. The filtration system of industrial vacuum cleaners requires high precision. At the same time, industrial vacuum cleaners must meet different requirements such as one machine with multiple ports. Only a professional industrial vacuum cleaner can meet these requirements.


29.professional vacuum cleaner supplier

Not just a few lightweight industrial vacuum cleaners can solve all industrial use problems, but according to different industries and production conditions to choose more suitable models to solve the current problems. Our company is a professional vacuum cleaner supplier, which can meet the supply of different vacuum cleaner models.


There are two issues we need to understand about industrial vacuum cleaners.


First of all, there are two important parameters in the technical data of industrial hand-held vacuum cleaners namely air volume and suction.


The two data of the vacuum cleaner is a decreasing function in the working curve of the vacuum cleaner, which is dynamic. In other words, the higher the wind speed, the stronger the ability to suck objects.


Wind speed is produced by the combination of air volume and suction. When the air volume is small and the suction force is large, the material cannot be taken away because the air flow is small and the wind speed is lost. For example, the suction pump transports liquid by atmospheric pressure.


When the suction is small and the air volume is large, the material cannot be taken away. There is no wind speed because the pressure drop in the pipe is large. For example, dust removal equipment relies on ventilation to remove dust in the air. commercial upright vacuum cleaners

Secondly, there are two key components in the components of the vacuum cleaner, namely the motor and the filter system.


The motor is to ensure the basic performance of the commercial industrial vacuum cleaners, and the filter system is to ensure the proper working performance of the vacuum cleaner. With a suitable motor, the vacuum cleaner can work normally. But the filtration system is not good, it can not solve the actual work problem. For example, the filter is frequently blocked, the oscillating system has a poor dust removal effect, and the filter accuracy is not enough.


Recommended vacuum cleaner for working conditions. For example, explosion-proof vacuum cleaners are required in places that need to be explosion-proof or suck some materials that may cause combustion or explosion due to sparks or overheating. There are also some working conditions that may require anti-static and anti-sparking. Now some customers are starting to use pneumatic vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner uses compressed air as power and can work continuously for 24 hours. It has been widely used in some special occasions.




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