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Research and Development Progress of Vacuum Cleaner

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The vacuum cleaner has been fully developed and many types of bound vacuum cleaners have been produced. The following describes the current development of vacuum cleaners.


5.wet and dry vacuum cleaners

1. Handle Control

The so-called handle control vacuum cleaner is to switch on the handle, control the switch of the vacuum cleaner through the handle, and adjust the gear position.


2. Steam Brush Head


Add a small amount of water to the brush head of the vacuum cleaner. It is heated by a heater in the brush head to generate steam. The high temperature of the steam is used for sterilization, which makes it easier to remove stubborn stains such as oily coffee stains. And the brush head is attached with a rag, which can be wiped while sucking, completing the cleaning process at one time. This technology was first invented in South Korea.


3. Cyclone dust collection


There are two types of centrifugal cyclones wet and dry vacuum cleaners and side cyclones on the market. Unlike the dust-free bag cyclone on the market, there is no white HEPA filter inside, which is a plastic cone or barrel. Improving the structure of the dust box can make the air form a cyclone inside the vacuum cleaner to better separate dust and air. Through the principle of centrifugal force to ensure that the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is more durable.


5.handle control vacuum cleaner

4. The Vibrating Mite Brush Head


In order to meet the cleaning needs of sofas, bedding, curtains and other vacuum cleaners, developers designed and developed vibrating brush heads. Using the high-frequency vibration of up to 3600 times per minute, the plastic plate inside the brush head pats the futon sofa, etc. to suck out the deep dust and remove bacteria and mites. Mite-removal vacuum cleaners are very popular among people. Pet brush can clean pet hair.


The core component of the vacuum cleaner is a one-way series excited eddy current AC motor, with an average speed of up to 32,000 rpm. When the motor is working, due to the fast speed, a vacuum is generated in the front chamber of the vacuum cleaner. The external atmospheric pressure is higher than the interior of the vacuum cleaner. The suction port sucks the air with dust on the ground.


With the rotation of the impeller connected to the motor shaft, the air in the dust collection chamber flows along the air passage in the machine body to the exhaust section, the air pressure increases, and the sucked dust is filtered by the filter. The clean air is exhausted and cools the motor.


The traditional dust bag type vacuum cleaner relies on the filtering function of the paper bag or the cloth bag to filter the air. After the air enters the dust bag, it is discharged through the tiny air holes in the paper bag, and the dust and paper dust are left in the dust bag. After a long period of use, dust will adhere to the inner wall of the dust bag to block the air holes and prevent the air from being discharged, causing the suction power of the vacuum cleaner to decrease. If the dust bag is not replaced in time after vacuuming, the bacteria and mites in the dust will also multiply in the dust bag, and the bacteria and mites will be discharged into the air with the airflow to produce an odor during the next use, causing secondary pollution and affecting User and family health.


Recyclable non-woven fabric dust bags need to be cleaned regularly, and the dust splashed when taken out is easily inhaled by the user with the air, and at the same time causes secondary pollution of the room. If you use disposable dust bags, you need to regularly replace the appropriate paper bags. Paper dust bags of a few yuan to a dozen yuan will cost consumers a lot of extra costs. In addition, the inside of the dust bag is not visible, and the amount of dust collected cannot be controlled, which is likely to cause frequent cleaning and replacement of the dust bag or inadequate cleaning to reduce the suction power.


The dust-free bag vacuum cleaner uses the high-speed centrifugal force formed by the air rotating in the dust bucket to separate the dust. The dust falls into the dust bucket due to gravity, reducing clogging. The horizontal suction is strong and durable. The separated air is filtered by the motor protection. The filter and high-efficiency HEPA are discharged after filtering, without dust mites, to prevent secondary pollution.


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