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Reasons And Methods of Cleaning Bathroom Ventilation Fans

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The ventilation fan in the bathroom is not only used to remove the unpleasant smell in the room. Ventilation fans keep your home well ventilated, improve air quality, help remove moisture in the bathroom, and prevent mold growth. Therefore, when your exhaust fan is not in the best operating condition, an unpleasant smell will be emitted in your home. Over time, the dreaded danger of mold and ventilation problems will only be harmful to health. Generally, the tool needed to clean the ventilation fan is the powerful vacuum cleaner for home, which is very effective for the thorough bathroom ventilation fan.


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The Role of The Bathroom Vent Fan


The heat from the shower fogged the mirror and leaked into the wall. When the warm air cools, it turns into water and stays in the wall. Indoor condensation can cause mold to grow. Drywall is porous and paint is breathable, so moisture can penetrate into the drywall and cause fungal growth. And these fungi are usually in places where you can't see them.


If you have been exposed to mold for a long time or if your body is allergic or sensitive to its spores, you may suffer allergies, cough, and skin allergies.


Excessive moisture can also cause paint and wallpaper to fall off, and even warp doors and rust on iron parts. Humidity also encourages bacterial growth.


In fact, these problems can be minimized by simply turning on the bathroom fan. You should turn on the fan every time you use hot water in the bathroom, and let it ventilate for about 20 minutes after opening the bathroom door. The most important time is after the shower. If you keep forgetting to turn it off, install a fan that can be turned off regularly. And the fan should be cleaned at least once or twice a year.


How to Clean Bathroom Ventilation Fan?


Dust and grime will be sucked into the bathroom exhaust fan, just like it sucks in air. Removing this dust and slime will make your fan run more efficiently. First, make sure the fan is turned off, and take a handy vacuum cleaner for home with a suction hose attachment to clean the fan. The vacuum should suck all the dust and debris from the fan blades, which will make it run more efficiently.


A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment and crevice tool is the best tool for cleaning bathroom ventilation fans. In addition, you can also use professional steam vacuum cleaner and easy home multi cyclonic vacuum cleaner.


After turning off the power, you can use an old paint brush to clean the crevices of the fan, but be sure to cover the floor to prevent falling debris. But it is best to use a small vacuum cleaner for home.


Remove the fan grille. The grille is placed where the bathroom is not in the way.


Use the soft brush attachment attached to the best cordless stick vacuum with handheld to vacuum the inside of the fan housing. Carefully clean the inner and outer areas of the fan housing


Use a gap tool to vacuum the inside of the fan blade unit. Ensure that the flat vacuum cleaner thoroughly cleans the inside of each pair of blades of the fan blade.


Rinse the grille with water and dry thoroughly. Reinstall the grille again, and then power on to check whether the fan is operating normally.


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Do You Need to Clean The Bathroom Ventilation Fan Duct?


Most people never care about cleaning the duct between the ventilation fan and the outdoors. this is very unprofessional. The only debris sucked by the fan is dust. There is dust inside the duct, but this is not enough to restrict airflow significantly.


There is an easy way to test the function of your fan. Take a square toilet paper and turn on the fan. Lean the hand paper against the fan, and then remove your hand. If the fan can hold the paper by itself, then it will work well. If it doesn't, then you need to do some work to make your exhaust fan function properly.


First, check the exhaust port. The exhaust pipe of the fan will lead from the room to the roof of your home. You can visually inspect the exhaust pipe. If there is no obvious blockage in the exhaust pipe, check for other problems that may affect air flow.


The inability to enter the duct creates difficulties for thorough cleaning of the ventilation fan duct. The easiest way is to disconnect the duct from the fan, clean the duct with a home vacuum cleaner, and then reinstall the duct.


If you do not have an attic channel, you must remove the fan motor assembly to access the air channel port. In this case, you may need a catheter brush to fully clean the catheter, because it may be difficult to use the built-in vacuum cleaner and touchless vacuum cleaner.


The cleaning function of the vacuum cleaner is very important for cleaning the bathroom ventilation fan. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner at home, it is recommended that you buy this WL60A 20liters multiple function dropshipper wet and dry commercial vacuum cleaner for home use.




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