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Prospect of Environmental Sanitation Electric Sweeper

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Environmental sanitation electric sweepers are closely related to the pace of urban development. With the economic development, the urban-rural integration process is accelerating, and people have higher and higher requirements for the living environment. This provides a huge market space for current environmental sanitation electric sweepers. According to relevant departments. It is estimated that China's sanitation market space is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan in 2020.


9intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

1. The replacement of old cleaning tools for urban sanitation has ensured the continued demand for sanitation electric sweepers. With the improvement of urbanization standards and the increased investment in environmental sanitation infrastructure, the rational use of environmental sanitation electric sweepers will promote the speed of updating.


2. The operation mode of sanitation electric sweeper is continuously improving, users will choose new and more advanced products, and the acceleration of product replacement will prompt the market to expand further.


3. The rural sanitation infrastructure in rural areas is weak, especially the operating capacity of sanitation electric sweepers is inadequate, which is far from the needs of urbanization development. According to the urban-rural integration plan, the demand for sanitation electric sweepers will be increasing.


The sanitation electric sweeper can clean both dry and wet garbage. It can sweep away dust, soil, sand, etc. while cleaning large-sized bulky garbage such as beverage bottles containing beverages, large packaging bags, large paper balls, cans, broad-leaved leaves, etc. It does not need to stop to pick up when cleaning, blocky garbage, dust garbage can be cleaned at once. After cleaning up, the overall environmental quality of the city has improved a lot. For the cleaning equipment industry, the sanitation electric sweeper is one of the most widely used cleaning equipment in the future.


9industrial vacuum cleaners

The electric sweeper brings great convenience to people in terms of cleaning. It can be predicted that it will be widely used in various industries in the future. The prospect of vacuum cleaners as cleaning equipment is also very exciting. Vacuum cleaners and sweepers have similarities, but they differ in specific areas of application. For example, according to different application fields, vacuum cleaners can be divided into industrial vacuum cleaners, commercial vacuum cleaners, household vacuum cleaners, and car vacuum cleaners.


Vacuum cleaners become the protagonist of life appliances. The growth of living appliances is relatively large. Labor substitution products, such as dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and window cleaners, will have a lot of room for growth in the future. As a rising star in household appliances, vacuum cleaners have become one of the most important categories in small appliances.


The vacuum cleaner is the product with the highest penetration and the best penetration in the e-commerce channel, and with the help of the e-commerce platform, the vacuum cleaner has also developed vigorously. According to the different attributes of vacuum cleaner products, the convergence of this structure can be analyzed. At present, the vacuum cleaner is mainly composed of four types: vertical vacuum cleaner, hand-held push rod vacuum cleaner, intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, and mite removal vacuum cleaner. Among them, the handhold push rod type and the robot vacuum cleaner occupy the vast majority of the market share, both online and offline.


These two types of products, hand-held push rod and robot, account for almost 60% of the vacuum cleaner market. In terms of growth rate, these two types of products also show a rapid development trend, with growth rates of 24.2% and 46.5%, respectively. The handhold online growth rate exceeds 100%, and the offline growth rate exceeds 90%; the robot vacuum cleaner online growth rate is 72%, and the offline growth rate also exceeds 40%. Become an absolute star product in the industry category.


In the future, electric sweeper and vacuum cleaner create a cleaner environment for us.




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