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Preparation before Using the Vacuum Cleaner

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Household vacuum cleaners have now become one of the essential electrical appliances in our lives. Home vacuum cleaners are favored by housewives for their compact size, flexibility, and excellent dust removal effect. But vacuum cleaners are not omnipotent. Sometimes, preparations before using the vacuum cleaner, coupled with the good vacuuming ability of the vacuum cleaner, can make our home cleaner.



74-vacuum cleaner for home use

Distinguish Model and Specifications

The models and specifications of home vacuum cleaners produced by different manufacturers are also different, and their structure, functions, and characteristics are also different. Therefore, when using the vacuum cleaner, be sure to read the operation manual of the vacuum cleaner carefully to avoid the trouble caused by incorrect operation.



Check the Pipe Connection

Attention must be paid to the connection between the hose of the house vacuum cleaner and the suction port of the outer shell to ensure that the connection is secure. At the same time, the hose and the suction nozzle at the end of the hose should also be connected securely to avoid unstable connection and insufficient suction during use.



Power Control

The power cord of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home is generally shrunk at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. When using it, pull it according to the length you need. We should not use excessive force, which will cause the power cord to wear and break. At the same time, the continuous working time of the vacuum cleaner should be controlled within 1 hour to prevent the motor from overheating and causing the risk of burning.



Adjust Suction Power

Domestic vacuum cleaners should be adjusted according to different working places. When facing different cleaning environments, using proper suction can clean more effectively and prolong the service life of the motor.



74-domestic vacuum cleaners

Clean Up Briefly before Vacuuming

Before use, we should read the manual carefully, and then check whether the various accessories are complete according to the manual, and then install each part of the homemaker vacuum cleaner according to the steps and methods of the manual. Before use, large dirt, paper and some big garbage should also be removed from the cleaned place to avoid blocking the air inlet or dust channel in the suction pipe.


Before starting, we should check the voltage and frequency of the power supply. If the vacuum cleaner has a ground wire, it should be grounded reliably. Before starting, we should also check the layered filter bag on the body, whether the sash is placed flat, and whether the door, buckle and cover on the body that should be closed is closed, and whether the cover is tight and fastened. It can be activated only after checking.



Regular Maintenance

Vacuum cleaner for home use, like ordinary electrical appliances, require regular maintenance, inspections and maintenance. At the same time, the motor of the vacuum cleaner needs to be overhauled every year to ensure its service life.



Making preparations before using the vacuum cleaner can make the vacuum cleaner work better and extend the service life of the vacuum cleaner. Hopefully, the above introduction can help you use the house and home vacuum cleaner better.




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