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Precautions and Inspections for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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With the prolonged use of industrial dust removal equipment and the improper operation, various problems will occur in vacuum cleaners for industrial use. If these problems cannot be solved in time, it will cause inconvenience to the operation of the enterprise. Therefore, manufacturers must regularly inspect industrial dust removal equipment.


51.dust removal equipment for manufacturing companies

Inspections before using industrial vacuum cleaner


1. Open the cover to check whether the dust bag is tightly tied.


2. Check whether the suction port of the vacuum cleaner is fastened firmly, and close the cover.


3. Check whether the power supply voltage is normal. If necessary, pay attention to the forward and reverse rotation of the motor.


4. Some industrial vacuum cleaners with belt drive need to be replaced with new conveyor belts. Open the rear door of the vacuum cleaner and replace it. If the belt is loose, open the side door and adjust the control nut to the proper position.


5. After the device is installed, all transmission stations should be filled with lubricating oil, and then try to check whether the reducer wiring can be rotated. If it is rotated, the wiring should be reconnected immediately to avoid damage to the parts, and it can be started only when it is correct.


51.vacuum cleaners for industrial use

Precautions when using industrial vacuum cleaners


1. Vacuum cleaners are important dust removal equipment for manufacturing companies, which will effectively help companies remove dust and decontamination, and help the production and development of enterprises. When using industrial tank cleaning equipment, manufacturers need to pay attention to the inspection of it in order to ensure the dust removal effect of industrial dust removal equipment.


2. Ordinary industrial vacuum cleaners (non-explosion-proof vacuum cleaners) are strictly prohibited to be used in flammable and explosive places.


3. The dust bag of non-special materials should not come into contact with burning fire and high-temperature waste.


4. It is strictly forbidden to use the vacuum cleaner without a dust bag or filter, otherwise it will directly cause damage to the vacuum cleaner fan.


5. When the dust bag and filter are damaged, they should be replaced in time and cannot be used.


6. The suction hose must not be crushed or worn.


7. The temperature of the cabinet after the vacuum cleaner rises after a long time of continuous operation, and the staff should be prevented from being scalded.


8. Excessive debris accumulated in the dust bucket of the vacuum cleaner should be cleaned up in time, and the bag and filter should be cleaned regularly.


9. After the dust collector is overloaded, the thermal relay in the control box will automatically cut off the power. At this time, you must unplug the power plug to find out the cause. You should wait for the thermal relay to reset before you can continue to use it.


10. After working, the industrial upright vacuum cleaner should be cut off and placed in a cool and dry place, which can effectively extend the service life of the industrial vacuum cleaner.




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