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Pond Vacuum: Free Your Hands and Beautify Your Pond

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Outdoor pond water treatment is troublesome. First of all, the pond is greatly affected by the external environment, such as sun exposure, rain, external leaves, spores, dust, etc. In addition, a variety of weather effects will increase the difficulty of water treatment. In addition, there is more dust outside, so the pond is more likely to get dirty. At this time, we need pond vacuum cleaner and pond vacuum cleaning pumps to clean the pond more efficiently.



Vacuum Cleaner 100-2

How to use an underwater vacuum cleaner?

There are manual and automatic underwater vacuum cleaners. The bottom of the swimming pool is scrubbed manually without discharging the pool water, and the sediment at the bottom of the pool is removed by suction cup, so the secondary pollution is avoided to keep the pool water clean and sanitary. For different pond conditions, you can also buy a fish pond vacuum cleaner or a garden pond vacuum cleaner. They not only reduce the heavy physical labor, but also save valuable water resources, and bring convenience for your work and life.


Automatic underwater vacuum cleaners are composed of cleaning machines, power control boxes, remote controllers, carts and floating water cables. The cleaning machine of the swimming pool is controlled by a computer program, which can thoroughly brush the bottom and four walls of the pool without supervision, and continuously and carefully filter the pool water. The price of underwater vacuum cleaners varies from 2000 to 20000 units according to the machine style and brand. Now the price of a fully automatic underwater cleaner is about twice that of a manual one. There are many brands of underwater vacuum cleaners, and their functions are also various. The best pond vacuum cleaner and best koi pond vacuum cleaner also have two working modes: automatic cleaning function and manual cleaning function. The automatic cleaning function is controlled by a computer program. The user only needs to select the cleaning time, and the cleaning machine can start operation automatically. When the setting time is reached, the cleaning machine can stop automatically. During this period, no personnel management is required. According to the actual needs, users can also choose the manual function to automatically control the cleaning machine to work freely, which can more effectively meet the user's requirements.



Vacuum Cleaner 100-3

What are the benefits of the underwater vacuum cleaner?

Safe and reliable

The working voltage of DC single motor belongs to underwater safety voltage, and the underwater motor part is fully sealed to ensure the safe operation of cleaning machine under water. The power control box and control panel adopt waterproof design, which can be applied to the wet environment. The specially designed safety protection function of leakage and leakage of the cleaning machine ensures the safety of operation and the service life of the cleaning machine. All parts are made of stainless steel, with waterproof and anti-corrosion, ensuring excellent use effects.


Efficient cleaning

Small pond vacuum cleaner and koi pond vacuum cleaner have high power, strong adaptability and wide application range. Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools can be used, but also suitable for a variety of ground environments (such as: ceramic tile, mosaic, liner). In addition, it has strong pollution absorption and good crawling performance. It can make a 90-degree horizontal turning on the pool wall, and thoroughly brush the pool bottom, four walls, steps, especially the water line, without leaving any dead corner.


Strong brushing ability

The cleaning brush made of special synthetic material can thoroughly brush the dirt and scale on the bottom and wall of the tank. The sediment, small stones and hair falling in the water are filtered out and automatically collected into the filter bag in the machine.



No one wants their ponds to be dirty, full of fallen leaves and rubbish. A clean and vivid pond can bring pleasure and relaxation to people. Now, I believe you are looking for a pond grade cleaner and a pond vacuum pump.




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