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Motors, Fans and Carbon Brushes of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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Many people do not know how to choose the motor, fan and carbon brush of industrial vacuum cleaners when they buy industrial vacuum cleaner. This article can help you.


The motors of industrial vacuum cleaners are all high-quality motors and require a 380V power supply to ensure strong power. Generally, the motors on imported machines are more durable and have lower noise. 220V single-phase motors are motors with carbon brushes, and carbon brushes have a certain design life. The current carbon brushes mainly include graphite brushes, copper graphite brushes, electrochemical graphite brushes, and carbon graphite brushes.


32.industrial-grade vacuum cleaners

The motor and fan of the industrial vacuum cleaner are matched. Generally speaking, large-scale central dust collection systems use high-pressure vortex fans (also called high-pressure fans). It consists of dozens of leaves. The air in the middle of the impeller blades moves towards the edge of the impeller under the action of centrifugal force. The air enters the annular cavity of the pump body and recirculates in the same way from the starting point of the blade. Ordinary industrial vacuum cleaners generally use roots blowers. This is a positive displacement fan whose air volume is proportional to the number of revolutions.


Carbon brushes used in vacuum cleaners are also called electric brushes. It is used as a sliding contact piece with wires leading out on the top. Its size varies greatly. Its materials mainly include electrochemical graphite, grease-impregnated graphite, and metal (copper, silver) graphite. It needs to be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the motor manufacturer, otherwise it will burn the motor.


32.industrial vacuum cleaners

Some vacuum cleaners also use brushless motors (mostly 380 V voltage, using semiconductor switching devices to achieve electronic commutation. That is, electronic switching devices are used to replace traditional contact commutators and brushes). The real application in the field of industrial production is mainly industrial-grade vacuum cleaners using brushless motors. Compared with carbon brush motors, brushless motors have many characteristics such as low speed and slow temperature rise. Industrial dust removal equipment without carbon brush motors can work continuously without any load.


The carbon brush and the rotor of the carbon brush motor will rub and generate sparks and heat during operation. Therefore, industrial water vacuum cleaner using carbon brush motors have higher requirements for heat dissipation. Industrial rug cleaning machines with carbon brush motors generate heat faster than brushless motors. However, due to its simple manufacturing and low cost, industrial vacuum cleaners equipped with carbon brush motors are mostly cheaper than industrial vacuum cleaners equipped with brushless fans. Similarly, in the face of clogging of the vacuum cleaner, a vacuum cleaner equipped with a brushless motor can last longer than a vacuum cleaner equipped with a carbon brush motor.


Therefore, it is a very wise choice to use a pure industrial dry vacuum cleaner equipped with a brushless motor for places where the vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned and worked for a long time, such as working for more than 8 hours or 24 hours of non-stop work. For places with lower budget costs, less dust to be cleaned, and lower working frequency, you can consider using relatively inexpensive industrial vacuum cleaners equipped with brush motors. It is a kind of equipment specially used for industrial cleaning and cleaning in factories.




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