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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Can Prevent People from Pneumoconiosis Occupational Disease

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Pneumoconiosis is mainly a long-term work in a dust-polluted environment. Due to the inevitable inhalation of dust, the disease is mainly caused by lung tissue fibrous lesions. It has been included in the scope of statutory occupational diseases.


In many industrial enterprises, especially heavy industry enterprises, metallurgical industries, manufacturing, and chemical plants, dust pollution is very serious and inevitable. This kind of dust cannot be filtered by ordinary masks alone, and it is directly harmful to the employees working in the workshop. If appropriate measures to remove dust and purify the air are not taken, the possibility of employees suffering from various respiratory occupational diseases will be greatly increased, which will seriously endanger their health. For factories and enterprises, either paying a large amount of medical expenses for their employees, or being reported as negative news by the media, which is also very detrimental to the development of the enterprise.


49.heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner

How to solve this problem of air dust pollution? Industrial vacuum cleaners are needed. The most powerful industrial vacuum cleaner can collect waste, filter and purify air, and clean up the environment during industrial production. Appropriate dust collection and dust removal equipment can well remove dust in the environment. At the same time, the industrial vacuum cleaner hose can work for a long time. Generally speaking, most of them can work continuously for about 24 hours, which is sufficient for most industrial production. Even if it is working continuously, the Y-type interface can be used to make the dynavac industrial vacuum cleaner work separately, thereby improving work efficiency.


For most industrial production enterprises, industrial vacuum cleaner equipment is very useful. It can greatly reduce the incidence of pneumoconiosis, a common occupational disease. At the same time, you can also select the required wind power and filter accuracy of the filter media according to the different needs of the enterprise.


For industrial enterprises, the use of industrial vacuum cleaning system can reduce the chance of pneumoconiosis to some extent. But the industrial vacuum cleaner is only a device to reduce dust pollution, and it cannot absolutely eliminate the possibility of dust pollution. Therefore, it cannot completely prevent the occurrence of pneumoconiosis, but both for enterprises and workers, industrial dust removal equipment is necessary.


Why is there an industrial cleaning equipment? Dust is very harmful to the body, and a series of symptoms will appear after a long time, so industrial floor cleaning machines came into being. Industrial vacuum cleaners can prevent occupational diseases.


49.industrial vacuum cleaner equipment

Industrial vacuum cleaners are equipment used to collect waste, filter and purify air, and clean up the environment during industrial production. The heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner can absorb various metal, non-metal, oil, water and other particulate dirt and liquids. It can absorb and purify toxic and harmful gases, improve the quality of products in the textile industry, and recover some expensive catalysts in the chemical industry. And as a kind of environmental protection equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners can effectively prevent the hazards of occupational diseases, such as welders' pneumoconiosis and shoe factory leukemia.


Industrial vacuum cleaners mainly use filter media to separate solid liquid and air to clean up dust. Common industrial vacuum cleaners on the market generally have a single filter or multiple filter functions. Generally, the industrial cleaning machine uses cyclone separators as the first layer of filtration, and then high-precision filtration through filter elements. The filtration accuracy of ordinary filter cartridges is generally above 1 micron, but the filtration accuracy of filter cartridges treated with membranes or special materials can reach below 0.3 microns. After the dust is filtered, it can effectively prevent pneumoconiosis infection and protect the health of workers. 




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