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How to Use the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

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The popularity of industrialization has caused some problems for the environment. In recent years, in order to control the environment, more and more factories have begun to attach importance to waste disposal. Among different cleaning devices, industrial vacuum cleaners are the most popular because of their low price and strong versatility. But do you know how to properly use this industrial vacuum cleaner equipment?


24.Hoover vacuum cleaner for industrial

1. Industrial wet dry vacuum cleaner generates heat by themselves. In order not to overheat the machine and cause a malfunction, the ambient temperature of the conventional industrial vacuum cleaner should not exceed 40°C. Try to ensure indoor ventilation, and industrial vacuum cleaners can not inhale flammable and explosive objects. There should be no flammable, corrosive gas in the air.


2. Industrial vacuum cleaners of different manufacturers, different brands and specifications have different structural performance and functional characteristics, and cannot be used blindly. Therefore, before using the industrial vacuum cleaner, we need to carefully read the user manual to avoid misunderstandings. In this way, unnecessary damage and personal safety problems will not be caused by improper use.


3. Before using the industrial vacuum cleaner, you need to connect the ground wire when connecting to the socket to ensure the safety of electricity. Confirm the working time of the industrial vacuum cleaner before use. If it is a 220V carbon brush light industrial vacuum cleaner, the use time should not exceed 4 hours. After working continuously for four hours, please rest for half an hour before continuing to work. If you need to work continuously under special circumstances, then the use time should not exceed 8 hours. Or it can be replaced by several motor wheels to achieve long-term work and allow the motor to have a rest time. If you need to work without stopping for 24 hours, please choose 380V industrial vacuum cleaner for concrete grinder without carbon brushes, which can work 24 hours without stopping.


4. If the industrial wet vacuum cleaner has a power cord automatic recycling function, we need to pay attention when we pull the cord. When we see a yellow or red mark, we should stop immediately. Do not pull the cable too much to avoid being damaged.


5. Fix the vacuum cleaner before vacuuming. The brakes of the vacuum cleaner's wheels are pressed down to prevent the machine from drifting during work. Then, connect the hose to the suction port. The hose must not be bent or folded to avoid obstruction of air intake.


24.industrial vacuum cleaners

6. Hoover vacuum cleaner for industrial can't suck all the debris. If there are long and large objects in the garbage that are easy to block the pick head or hose, please clean it manually first, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the small things to avoid clogging.


7. If there is liquid to be sucked in the place, please remove the filter element and dust compartment first to avoid the liquid from getting wet to the filter element and dust compartment. Because it will cause the dust to stick to the damp filter element and the dust compartment and cause serious blockage. And when filtering the air, it will bring humid gas into the motor, which will cause a series of problems such as motor rust.


8. After working for a period of time, the wet&dry industrial vacuum cleaner needs to stop and check whether the trash can is full. Vacuum cleaners should be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging caused by excessive garbage and affecting the service life of the motor.


9. Clean the dust on the filter element regularly when using the industrial cyclone vacuum cleaner. Many vacuum cleaners are equipped with a vibrating dust function, which can be pressed several times during work to reduce clogging of the filter element. If there is a large amount of dust, it is recommended to use a pulse industrial vacuum cleaner.


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