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How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner?

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Floor vacuum cleaners have become a very common household appliance in our lives. Using the floor vacuum correctly can effectively clean our home, saving time and effort for us. So, how to use the vacuum cleaner correctly? In this article, we will introduce in detail.



65-floor vacuum cleaner

1. Read the Manual

Various home vacuum cleaners of different models and specifications have different structural performance and functional characteristics. Therefore, we must read the operating instructions carefully before using the small vacuum cleaner for home to avoid damage to it and endangering personal safety due to improper use.



2. Check the Vacuum Cleaner

Before using the handy vacuum cleaner for home, check the power cord to ensure the safety of electricity. In addition, the hose should be properly connected to the suction port. The hose and each section and the end of the nozzle should be screwed tightly, such as furniture brush, gap nozzle, floor brush, and many other kinds of nozzles.



3. Adjustment of Suction

When in use, the suction control device can be adjusted appropriately depending on the occasion to be cleaned. Some home vacuum cleaners use the method of motor speed regulation to adjust the suction power. And there are different ways of controlling suction power. When you want to adjust your house vacuum cleaner, read the manual before adjusting.



65-vacuum and carpet cleaner

4. Matters Needing Attention

When vacuuming, we should make sure that there is no obvious debris like nail and glass in the clean area. We should vacuum from the inside to the outside in turn, and avoid dragging the hose or kicking it when vacuuming. When using a vacuum and carpet cleaner all in one to clean the carpet, we should move it in the direction of the carpet, so that we can keep the carpet hair tide and the carpet will not be damaged. If the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner is found to be damaged, we should stop vacuuming immediately and replace it to avoid damage to the motor due to dust.



5. Cleaning and Maintenance of Vacuum Cleaner

After vacuuming, we need to wipe the outer surface of the homemaker vacuum cleaner and clean the dust bag in time. After dumping the dust and garbage in the dust bag, we should clean the dust bag, clean the inner tube of the vacuum cleaner with a rag, and cover the dust bag.  We should not wipe the switch with a damp cloth when cleaning the vacuum cleaner, otherwise it may cause leakage or short circuit. After the vacuum cleaner is used, it should be stored in a dry place. If placed in an excessively humid place, electrical insulation and service life will be affected.



Through the above content, we have learned about how to use the house and home vacuum cleaners and the problems that need to be paid attention to when using it. Vacuum cleaners can help us reduce the time spent in labor. We should clean and maintain it in our daily life, only in this way can the machine work well and provide convenience for our lives.





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