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How to Use A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

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If we don’t clean the car for a long time, there will be a lot of hair and debris in the car, which is difficult to clean. If there is a wireless car vacuum cleaner, it will be much more convenient to clean the car. In this article, we will introduce wireless car vacuum in details.


98.Mini handhold car vacuum cleaners

Introduction of Car Vacuum Cleaner

The mini car vacuum cleaner can clean up the waste left on the car and make the car cleaner. The operating voltage of the car vacuum cleaner is 12V. The power of the car vacuum cleaner is 60W, and the car cigarette lighter socket is used as the power socket, and there is an extension cord about 3 meters, which is long enough to vacuum and clean any corner of the car.



The Principle of Car Vacuum Cleaner

The fan impeller of the mini car vacuum is driven by the motor at a high speed, and the air in the impeller is discharged from the fan at a high speed. And at the same time, the air in the dust suction part is continuously supplemented into the fan, thus forming a higher pressure difference with the outside. The dust and dirt of the suction nozzle are sucked into the dust collecting part with the air, and filtered by the filter, and the dust and dirt are collected in the dust tube.



98. best home car vacuum

How to Use Car Vacuum Cleaner?

1. Correct Installation

When we use car vacuum cleaner at home for the first time, we should make sure that the filter and dust bag is installed correctly and check whether the fuse of the power supply can carry the current for starting and working of the vacuum cleaner. When using the power supply of the car vacuum cleaner, we should pay attention to the gentle plugging action to avoid damaging the cigarette lighter.


2. Clean Up Garbage

We should take out the items in the car, then we need to use a home car vacuum cleaner to clean roughly. After that, we use a brush to remove stubborn dirt, then we should clean the mats, dashboard and display, and finally we need to clean the trunk.


3.Clean the Vacuum

After using the car vacuum cleaner for home use, we should first disconnect the power supply, take out the filter and dust bag from the vacuum cleaner, and then clean the dust and debris in the filter and dust bag. We can use a damp soft cloth to wipe off the dust attached to the inner wall of the mini vacuum cleaner for car. And we need to reinstall the filter or dust bag back to the original position and reassemble the car vacuum cleaner. When wiping the vacuum cleaner, pay attention to protect the switch and power supply.


4. Maintain Electric Line

We need to check the integrity of power plugs and wires, and eliminate dangers. When refolding the power cord, we should avoid dead bends to prevent damage or premature aging of the wires.


5. Save the Vacuum Properly

After cleaning the handhold car vacuum cleaner, we need to repack it and do not leave it in the car. It is recommended to place the car vacuum cleaner in a dry place without direct sunlight, such as at home or in the trunk of the car.


The car is easier to hide bacteria and breed bacteria because there are many narrow corners, which are difficult to clean with ordinary cleaning tools. Mini handhold car vacuum cleaners can solve these problems and make our cars cleaner. Hopefully, this passage can help you choose the best home car vacuum for your car.




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