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How to Solve the Electrostatic Phenomenon of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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In daily life, we often see that static electricity occurs when fur rubs, but the occurrence of static electricity in cleaning work is related to dry air. In industrial environments, industrial vacuum cleaners are generally used to clean the environment. Industrial floor cleaners are environmentally friendly industrial cleaning equipment commonly used in the industry. They are used to collect waste, filter and purify air, and clean dust and particles in the environment during industrial production. However, the dust from the heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner will rube with each other at high speed through the hose and will generate static electricity. So, when using industrial vacuum cleaners to clean the work area, how should we avoid the static electricity?


66-industrial floor cleaner


For the electrostatic phenomenon of industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner, we only need to add an electrostatic chain to the metal parts of the industrial cleaning machine. It is characterized in that it comprises a vacuum box communicating with the vacuum chamber of the paving machine, and a fixed air grille arranged at the opening of the vacuum box.


A plurality of regulating valves are arranged in the vacuum box of the vacuum cleaner for industrial use near the fixed air grille, and the opening of the vacuum box is rectangular. The regulating valve includes a rotatable shaft and a baffle fixedly arranged on the shaft. One end of the shaft passes through the vacuum box, and there is a handle at the place where shaft extends out of the vacuum box. The rectangular opening of the vacuum box, the corners arranged in the middle of the vacuum box, and the fixed wind grid arranged at the opening of the vacuum box can play the role of evenly distributing the airflow. The opening of the vacuum box is provided with a regulating valve, which can not only control the airflow direction but also adjust the airflow size, so that the dust suction airflow generated by the vacuum box is more evenly distributed.


We should regularly check that the wiring and sockets of large industrial vacuum cleaner are in good condition and filters should be cleaned frequently. The working voltage of all kinds of industrial vacuum cleaners is from 220V to 380V, which all adopts the electrostatic chain to solve the electrostatic phenomenon. The power supply should match the parameters of the machine. 380V machine should be grounded when in use. When cleaning, ensure that the machine is disconnected from the power supply and the filter is dry before use. The exhaust vent should be constantly unclogged. We need to frequently check whether there is any blockage and whether it affects the normal use of the vacuum cleaner. If the suction is insufficient, please check the tightness of the machine and whether the machine is properly installed.



The Industrial dust vacuum cleaner can absorb various metal, non-metal, oil, water and other particulate dirt and liquids, and can absorb toxic and harmful gases. As an environmental protection device, industrial vacuum cleaners can effectively prevent the hazards of occupational diseases. Avoiding the electrostatic phenomenon of industrial vacuum cleaners can help industrial vacuum cleaners to work well.




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