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How to Select a Vacuum Cleaner?

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There are so many types of vacuum cleaners, such as those with dust bags and those without dust bags. What are the precautions for purchasing a vacuum cleaner?



92-vacuum cleaner for home use


Dust Collection of Vacuum Cleaner

The first is to choose the type of dust collection, which is directly related to the purchase price of the vacuum cleaner for home cleaning. Vacuum cleaners on the market are mainly divided into traditional bag vacuum cleaners and newer bagless vacuum cleaners. Bagless vacuum cleaners are the first choice when buying.


Dust bag vacuum cleaners rely on bag inside the whole house vacuum cleaner to filter the dusty air sucked in. After filtering, the dust is accumulated in the dust bag. If the dust bag is a cloth dust bag, we need to take out the dust bag regularly to dump the dust and clean the dust bag. But it is easy to get dusty when taking out the dust bag and dumping the dust, and it is very troublesome to clean.


The bagless multi-purpose vacuum cleaner for home is filtered by a filter element or separated by a cyclone to remove dust. The dust falls into the dust box or dust bucket and can be poured directly. It saves the trouble of cleaning the dust bag. Although the price of the bagless vacuum cleaner is higher than that of the dust bag vacuum cleaner, the price can reflect the technology of the product to a certain extent, and the bag-type vacuum cleaner costs more money during application, while there is no secondary cost in the later stage of the bagless vacuum cleaner, which makes the dust bag vacuum cleaners at home are much cheaper. Therefore, bagless vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular among consumers.



What Are the Key Indicators for Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

When purchasing, we should care about the suction power, the anti-clogging function, and the ease of cleaning. These three points are directly related to the cleaning effect, service life and convenience of using the dust vacuum cleaner for home for consumers, and the dust separation technology is the main factor that determines the three key functions of the vacuum cleaner.


Among the three types of bagless vacuum cleaners, the best dust separation method is the variable speed cyclone technology. Because the variable speed cyclone compact vacuum cleaner for home can completely separate the dust and the air, the dust is directly carried into the dust bucket by the airflow without passing through the HEPA filter, so there will be no clogging caused by the dust attaching to the filter, so that the variable speed cyclone household vacuum cleaner can maintain strong suction for a long time.


The variable speed cyclone vacuum cleaner for home use not only has strong suction power, but also prevents dust clogging and hair entanglement. Its body is simple, and the unique horizontally placed cone filter can quickly separate the hair and other easily entangled objects into the dust collecting bucket under the action of centrifugal force, even if the pet hair is continuously sucked, it will not cause entanglement and blockage.


Variable speed cyclones are also very easy to clean. The cone-shaped filter and transparent dust-collecting bucket of the variable-speed cyclone dust bucket are separable. The cone-shaped filter reduces the entanglement of hair, and it will become clean after gentle washing. The transparent dust collecting bucket has no filter element, so we only need to flush it with water after the dust is poured, and it will become clean.



Although there are many types of domestic vacuum cleaners on the market and their prices are also different, core technology should be the primary consideration when purchasing, and the preferred functions and home environment should be considered.




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