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How to Maintain a Garden Pond?

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A garden pond can beautify the backyard, but it is very difficult to keep the pond clean. We can use natural methods like barley straws, plants, biological filters to keep the pond clean, as well as pond vacuum cleaners, UV purifiers, sewage treaters and gypsum. In addition, we must empty the pond at least once a year, take out the fish and plants, drain the water, thoroughly clean the pond, and then put the fish and plants back.


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Basic Maintenance of Pond

1. Clean the Pump Filter Regularly

Most filters need to be cleaned once a week. The cleaning method is to remove the filter, rinse it with a water pipe, and put it back in. If the pump is leaking or there is noise, it means it needs cleaning. And it is best to clean in accordance with the method and frequency in the instructions.


2. Manually Clean the Pond

Manual is the cheapest and most time-consuming method to remove algae. We need to check the pond every few days, and immediately remove it from the water when we see algae. If we choose this method, the pond must be inspected regularly.


3. Remove Leaves and Debris

Most leaves, twigs, seeds and weeds can be removed with a pond skimmer. This is a net with a long handle, specially used to keep the pond clean.


4. Clean the Bottom of the Pond

We can use an aqua garden pond vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom. A pond suction cleaner can suck away the leaves, algae, sludge and many other debris.


5. Feed the Fish Appropriately

Appropriate feeding of fish includes choosing the right feed and the appropriate amount of feeding. Fish can digest high-quality fish feeds fully and produce less waste, thereby inhibiting the growth of algae. And excess food will rot, and then provide the algae with the nutrients needed for growth.



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Organic Ways to Keep the Pond Clean

1. Biological Filter

Biofilters use bacteria to remove organic waste that accumulates in ponds. We should choose a filter that can filter twice the amount of water in the pond, because if the filter has the same volume as the pond, it will be difficult to keep the pond clean.


2. Barley Straw

When barley straw decomposes, it releases a chemical that prevents the growth of algae. And it is best to wrap the straw into a ball in a net bag and throw it into the pond.


3. Plants

We can grow floating plants and submerged plants at the same time. Both of these plants can prevent the growth of algae and keep the pond clean in a natural way.



Artificial Methods to Keep the Pond Clean

1. Sewage Treatment Agent

Sewage treatment agents are chemical agents that inhibit or remove algae. Before adding sewage treatment agent to the pond, we need read the manufacturer's instructions.


2. Calcium Sulfate

Calcium sulfate can break down the sludge accumulated at the bottom of the pond. Combined with garden pond vacuum cleaner, we can clean the bottom of pond easier.


3. Flowing Device

With flowing water, the possibility of accumulation of algae and dirt in the pond is reduced.


4.Pond Vacuum Cleaner

The fish pond vacuum cleaner can clean the bottom of the pond and make the pool water clearer. The koi pond vacuum cleaner sucks out the water at the bottom through a pond vacuum cleaning pumps, then filters the debris, and finally puts the clean water back into the pond. In addition, the garden pond vacuum cleaner can reduce the decomposition of organic waste, thereby preventing the growth of algae and maintaining a good ecological environment in the pond.



Empty the Pond for Deep Cleaning

1. Determine the Time

If there are a lot of leaves and sludge at the bottom of the pond that cannot be removed with a vacuum for fish pond, the pond needs to be emptied and cleaned. The best time is spring, because at this time we can remove the garbage accumulated in winter.


2. Pumping Water from the Pond

We need to ensure that the pump has a long pipe to reach the depth of the pond.


3. Get the Fish Out

After most of the water in the pond is pumped out, we need to transfer the fish to a container full of water.


4. Empty the Pond

After draining the water, we should remove the aquatic plants. And then we need to uproot the dead plants and use a high-pressure water gun to flush the dirt on the bottom and sides of the pond.


5. Refill

Fill the pond with clean water, add dechlorinating agent, and finally put the plants and fish back into the pond.



In general, in order to keep the pond clean and beautiful, we need to do both daily maintenance and deep cleaning at least once a year. In the maintenance of the pond, the pond gravel cleaner can help us save time and effort.




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