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How to Keep House Tide and Clean?

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Sometimes we may be so busy that we neglect the cleanliness of the house. But in fact, as long as we do the following three things, even if we spend a little time and energy, we can make our home look tidy and clean. These three things are cleaning and organizing the dishes, cleaning and wiping the table and cleaning the floor with vacuum cleaner at home.



89-household vacuum cleaner

1. Clean and Organize Tableware

It is best to prepare a pair of waterproof gloves and a cleaning brush when washing dishes, which can help remove food residues on the dishes. We can add a pot of hot water to the clean water, which is easy to remove oil stains and has a better cleaning effect. After cleaning, rinse the dishes with clean water, and finally dry the tableware. It is best to prepare a shelf specially for storing tableware in the kitchen, and arrange the tableware neatly. If we want to save time, we can also choose a dishwasher.



2. Clean and Wipe the Table

A clean and tidy desk can make people feel more comfortable, more focused, and more efficient when working. The first step in organizing the desk should be to sort the items on the desk. The key to tidying up the desk is to make the items on the desk more regular. Therefore, making good use of the bookshelves, storage boxes and drawers on the desk can help us effectively store the items on the desk.



89-vacuum cleaner at home

3. Clean the Floor

The floor occupies the largest area in the house, so the cleanliness of the ground affects the beauty of the whole house. Generally, when we are cleaning, the most important thing is to clean up the debris on the ground first, and then use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the floor. There are spider webs in places that are less frequently cleaned, and the hair on the floor is more difficult to clean, so the home vacuum cleaner is more labor-saving than the broom. The small vacuum cleaner for home should be handled gently to avoid impact. We should clean up the vacuum cleaner in time after use and check for perforations or air leaks, and thoroughly clean the dust grid and dust bag with detergent and warm water, and air dry the dust bag, avoiding using wet dust grid dust bag.


We should be careful not to fold the hose of the homemaker vacuum cleaner frequently, not over-stretch or bend it, and store the vacuum cleaner in a ventilated and dry place.


We should not use a vacuum cleaner for home use to suck gasoline, cigarette butts with fire, broken glass, needles, nails, and should not use dry vacuum cleaner for home to suck wet objects, liquids, sticky objects, and dust containing metal powder to avoid damage to the vacuum cleaner and accidents.


In the process of using the domestic vacuum cleaner, if something is found to block the suction tube, it should be shut down and checked immediately, and the matter shall be removed before continuing to use. When using the vacuum cleaner, we should fasten the hose, the suction nozzle and the connecting rod interface, especially the small gap suction nozzle and floor brush.



Through the above three measures, only a little time a day can make our home look neater and cleaner. Among them, the use of modern machines can save us time and effort, such as dishwashers and home vacuum cleaners. With a household vacuum cleaner, we can easily keep the floor clean.




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