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How to Control the Cleaning Process of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

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Industrial vacuum cleaner is a multifunctional industrial cleaning equipment for dust collection and purification. Its main function is to collect waste generated in industrial production, collect and clean up dust or bulk materials, filter and purify air, and clean up the environment. Industrial vacuum cleaners will not cause secondary dust and can avoid manual cleaning by workers. In this article, we mainly introduce the cleaning methods of industrial vacuum cleaner filters.



At present, there are two main ways to clean the filters of industrial floor cleaner, one is pulse blowback, and the other is manual vibration. The main purpose of cleaning the filter is to ensure that the industrial floor cleaning machines can operate normally within a normal resistance range.



70-industrial cleaning equipment

Cleaning System of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Filter

The cleaning system of heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner filters generally adopts three control modes, including manual, timing and constant pressure.


1. Manual Cleaning of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Manual cleaning of filters in industrial cleaning machines is a mode commonly used by most low-end industrial vacuum cleaners. Since the cleaning staff cannot accurately estimate the amount of dust on the surface of the filter bag or the filter cartridge, the filter cannot be cleaned at an accurate time. No matter it is sooner or later, it will directly affect the normal operation of dust collection.


2. Regular Cleaning of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The timed cleaning filter of vacuum cleaner for industrial use is widely used in industrial vacuum cleaners, and the operation is relatively simple. It can effectively control the rise of internal pressure difference and operating resistance of industrial dust vacuum cleaners, but this is not the most economical and effective method. The reason is that manually setting the time cannot guarantee that the filter is clean when it needs to be cleaned. If the set interval is longer, the working resistance of the industrial vacuum cleaner will be too large, the motor's operating power will increase, and the circulating air will be reduced, which will cause the motor to overheat and reduce its service life or even burn out. If the set interval is short, the running resistance of the filter is not very high. At this time, it will damage the filter, which will affect the service life of the filter.


3. Constant Pressure Cleaning of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The constant pressure cleaning filter for industrial grade vacuum cleaner is a cleaning mode that most mid-to-high-end industrial vacuum cleaners currently use. Constant pressure is currently the most economical and effective way to clean filters. Because the fundamental purpose of cleaning filters is to control and stabilize the pressure difference. Constant pressure cleaning is mainly based on the pressure difference of the industrial vacuum cleaner filter to control when to clean the filter. When the dust on the filter gradually accumulates, it will form a filtering resistance, and when the resistance reaches a critical point, it will automatically start to clean the filter.


70- industrial floor cleaning machines


It can be seen that the constant pressure cleaning filter is the most economical and effective method in the industrial strength vacuum cleaner industry today. This cleaning mode can ensure that the filter is cleaned when it is most needed to clean, thus ensuring the normal operation of the industrial vacuum cleaner, so that the service life of the motor and filter is maximized.




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