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How to Clean the Dust under the Bed?

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In daily life, the home is cleaned almost every day, but even so, there are still some remote places that cannot be cleaned or are difficult to clean. For example, the place under the bed is difficult to clean, and it will accumulate a lot of dust over time. In addition to traditional cleaning methods, vacuum cleaners can help us save time and effort in the process of cleaning the bottom of the bed.



88-compact vacuum cleaner for home

Tie the Rag to the Stick

Since the bottom of the bed cannot be reached by hand, we can tie a clean wet rag to the stick or broom, and then stretch it under the bed and wipe it everywhere in the gap. When the dust on the rag becomes too much, we can remove it and wash it with clean water. Then re-tie it and wipe it again until the underside of the bed is cleaned up.




The place under the bed can also be cleaned with a mop. This requires that we should use a mop to clean up the dust on both sides of the bed when cleaning the floor. Timely cleaning the dust on both sides of the bed can reduce the accumulation of dust under the bed.



Moving or Dismantling the Bed for Cleaning

When the bottom of the bed has not been cleaned for a long time, there is a lot of dust underneath, which is difficult to clean. At this time, the bed needs to be moved or dismantled to clean up the dust. After cleaning, restore the bed again. Although this cleaning is troublesome, there will not be a lot of dust after a long period of time.



88-powerful vacuum cleaner for home

Vacuum Cleaner

The traditional manual method of cleaning the bottom of the bed is more time-consuming and laborious. If you want to clean the bottom of the bed more conveniently and quickly, a whole house vacuum cleaner is a good choice.


The compact vacuum cleaner for home has a strong cleaning power. The vacuum cleaner can quickly roll up the debris on the ground, and the basic indoor cleaning can be completed in about ten minutes. It is efficient and fast, and is very practical. Moreover, the suction port of the household vacuum cleaner can be freely replaced, so different suction ports can be applied to different cleaning modes, and only need to replace the suction port, it can be used to clean different places, so it has a wide range of uses. The domestic vacuum cleaner is very powerful in cleaning large pieces of garbage, and the size of the suction mouth can be adjusted at any time. Faced with different environments, it can adapt to different cleaning modes, and the cleaning methods are more diverse. Moreover, the homemaker vacuum cleaner can effectively remove the harmful dust that is allergic to the breathing trachea, reducing the occurrence of respiratory diseases.


Therefore, the house and home vacuum cleaner is very effective for sucking the dust under the bed, especially the dust in the gaps that are out of reach. We only need to turn on the vacuum cleaner for home use and extend the hose of the vacuum cleaner under the bed to suck out dust, hair, fur and other dirt.



In general, the good vacuum cleaner for home is a very practical piece of furniture. The powerful vacuum cleaner for home can clean place not just under the bed, but also places where various traditional cleaning tools are difficult to handle, and it saves time and effort.




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