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How to Clean Swimming Pool?

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Contaminated swimming pool water quality, incomplete disinfection, and substandard residual chlorine, pH and temperature will make swimmers feel discomfortable. Therefore, maintenance of swimming pool water quality is a very important task. In addition to disinfection and testing for water quality maintenance, the trash at the bottom of the pool also needs to be cleaned. In addition to traditional cleaning tools, the new pond vacuum cleaner is also a good choice. And swimming pool cleaning includes water cleaning, environment cleaning and equipment cleaning. Let's talk about the specific steps and operating methods of swimming pool cleaning.



93-pond suction cleaner

Specific Steps to Clean the Swimming Pool

1. Firstly, we need to wet the tile surface with water, sprinkle some decontamination powder and use a long-handled hand brush to wash away the stains on the surface around the swimming pool. Here is mainly the cleaning of the swimming pool environment, including the tiles, grilles and pillars on the shore of the swimming pool and changing rooms. The tools used are pool brushes, rags and common disinfectants.


2. Then we should use a towel to dry the water on the lights, chairs, tables, and handrails around the pool. Wiping off the stagnant water not only keeps the pool clean, but also prevents swimmers from slipping. Therefore, this step is also very important.


3. We should also clean the bottom of the pool with a best pond vacuum once a day until the entire bottom of the pool is cleaned. There are two types of small pond vacuum cleaner, including manual vacuum cleaner and fully automatic dirt suction machine. The manual vacuum cleaner is cheap, easy to operate, and can be used for purposeful suction of the swimming pool, and if we need to add a precipitant, we must use a manual pond suction cleaner to suction. The advantage of the fully automatic dirt suction machine is that its automatic and intelligent dirt suction and it has a good suction effect, which can save labor costs. Automatic sewage suction machine is also divided into automatic sewage suction machine with cable and wireless sewage suction machine. The fully automatic sewage suction machine with cable has an anti-winding device to prevent the cable from being entangled, but it is not suitable for swimming pools or water parks with obstacles such as pillars in the middle of the pool. When the dirt is sucked, if the cables are not straightened out, the cables will be entangled and it is very troublesome to untie them. But the pond vacuum with cable is usually equipped with powerful pond vacuum pump. And compared with wireless ones, pond vacuum with cable is cheap pond vacuum. The wireless dirt suction machine with built-in lithium battery is suitable for swimming pools of various specifications and shapes, avoiding the embarrassment of using automatic underwater vacuum cleaners in pools with pillars and other obstacles in the middle, and also getting rid of the trouble of winding. But the pond vacuum cleaning pumps of wireless pond vacuum is not as powerful as ones with cables.


4. In addition, we should change the water in the swimming pool once a month. After injecting new water, we need to add an appropriate amount of disinfectant and algaecide to keep the water clear.



93-pond vacuum cleaner

In general, in addition to daily use of the vacuum cleaner and cleaning of the environment around the swimming pool, it is also very important to clean the swimming pool thoroughly at intervals. The pond vacuum is very practical. If we need a pond vacuum for sale, we can buy a cheap pond vacuum cleaner. Hopefully, the swimming pool cleaning methods introduced above can help you choose the best pond vacuum cleaner for you.




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