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How to Clean Stair Carpet?

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In addition to decorating the home, the function of the stair carpet is to protect the stairs and make the stairs less dusty. But long-term use will result in too much dust accumulated on the carpet. Except for vacuum carpet cleaner, there are many other ways to clean stair carpet. In this passage, we will introduce methods of cleaning stair carpet



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Daily Maintenance of Stair Carpet

When using stair carpets, we'd better put on indoor slippers, which can reduce dirt. If we do not change our shoes when we enter the room, it is best not to step on the muddy shoes on the carpet.


Once there are irregularities in some places, we should lightly tap it, or lightly iron with a steam iron or hot towel. If we accidentally burn the carpet and produce scorch marks, we can slightly brush it off with a stiff brush. In severe cases, we can cut some carpet fluff at the corners, stick it to the burnt area with adhesive, and press a book underneath. After the glue is dry, we need to comb it.


After wiping the carpet with clean water, we can use a clean towel to absorb the moisture, and try to dry the carpet as soon as possible, but avoid sun exposure to avoid fading. It is more troublesome to clean up breaking glass on the carpet. At this time, we can use a wider tape paper or cotton dipped in water to stick up the tiny broken glass, and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. After using the carpet for several years, it is best to change the position to make it wear evenly.



Ways to Clean Stair Carpet

The carpet needs to be daily cleaned. The fluff of the carpet is easy to accumulate dust, and a floor and carpet vacuum is a good choice to deal with carpet dust. We can use a vertical high pile carpet vacuum cleaner to clean up a large area of the carpet to remove most of the dust. Then we need to use the portable floor vacuum cleaner to carefully clean the places where dust is easily accumulated, such as under the coffee table, corners, and edges of the bed.


In addition to a floor and carpet vacuum cleaner, we can also use a rolling brush. The rolling brush not only combs the carpet, but also brushes up floating dust and adhesive dirt. So, the cleaning effect is better than wet vacuum carpet cleaner. And we need to remove stains in time. New stains are the easiest to remove and must be removed in time. If the stain dries or penetrates deep into the carpet, it will cause long-term damage to the carpet.


In addition to daily cleaning by carpet water vacuum, deep cleaning is performed regularly. After using the stair carpet for a long time, we can remove it and do a deep cleaning. After cleaning, avoid exposure to the sun to avoid fading. If the carpet is uneven, we can tap the carpet lightly with hands or iron it with a steam iron. We need to use tools to clean the carpet to remove sticky dirt.


61-floor and carpet vacuum


Carpets make our lives more comfortable. We also need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the carpets, otherwise it will be difficult to clean with too much dirt. A carpet washing vacuum cleaner is very useful for cleaning the carpet. Hopefully, the above cleaning methods can help you prolong the life of stair carpet with a best carpet vacuum cleaner for you.




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