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How to Clean Rubber Flooring More Effectively?

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There are many advantages of rubber flooring. It has been sought after by many consumers as soon as it entered the market. It needs to be cleaned daily. If you mention home helpers, you have to mention vacuum cleaners. Many vacuum cleaners have won the love of many housewives for their energy-saving, efficient and convenient performance. Similarly, vacuum cleaners play a great role in the cleaning of rubber floors, such as handheld wireless vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner with mop and automatic floor cleaner machine.


Rubber floor is a floor made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other polymer materials. In appearance, its color is bright and beautiful, and its texture is as soft as rubber. It is suitable for sports as a cushion for sports occasions. Rubber flooring is often used as a ground decoration material. Vacuum cleaner for floor cleaning is a useful tool to keep the floor clean.


Rubber floors are non-slip and low maintenance costs, and are often used in fitness venues and industrial plants. Rubber flooring is also used in the home as a private fitness room and garage. These floors are easy to maintain, but you do need to be aware that rubber floors need to be vacuumed regularly to keep them clean. The cordless ash vacuum cleaner is very convenient to use.


78.handheld wireless vacuum cleaner

How to Clean Rubber Floor?


1. Add 1 cup of fabric cleaner to every half bucket of water to make the rubber floor look like newly waxed.


2. The use of multifunctional detergent solution is very effective for cleaning rubber floors. We must first read the precautions on the product label carefully. It is best to test at the corner of the floor before use.


3. To remove the footprints on the rubber floor, you can use high-grade steel wool dipped in liquid floor wax. In the process of wiping out, you should gently wipe off the stains, and then dry with a damp cloth.


4. Solvent-based products may soften and destroy rubber floors. When used to clean rubber, the cleaning solution will leave a film-like residue, and to remove it requires a lot of wipe with clean water. After wiping, let the floor air dry or use a dry and wet vacuum cleaner for home to absorb water.


5. When cleaning, do not directly rinse the floor with water, otherwise it will cause the adhesive of the floor to fall off, which will seriously affect the later use effect.


78.vacuum and carpet cleaner all in one

When there is too much dust that cannot be handled by a domestic vacuum cleaner alone, some warm water and nylon mop should be used to wipe the floor. If you choose to vacuum, please choose a vacuum cleaner with a soft agitator and a steam mop carpet cleaner. It is best to set the floor height of the vacuum cleaner to medium. This will remove debris without crushing the floor. This will also make the whole house vacuum cleaner easier to operate.


In fact, the commonly used vacuum cleaners at home are vacuum and carpet cleaner all in one or best vacuum for tile floors and area rugs, because most people install tile floors and carpets in their homes.


There are many types of household vacuum cleaners. If you want to choose a vacuum cleaner according to your home area, you must choose a product with a long battery life, such as WL70 best clean water filtration wet dry vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the floor is very effective and convenient.




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